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As there are types of computer games


What are the types of computer games</a>

The classification of computer games is a controversial issue. Firstly, there is not a lot of game that can be attributed to this or that genre, and secondly, in different sources, the criteria of the genres themselves differ.

However, most games can still be divided into certain types.


These include shooters, fighting games, arcades.
In three-dimensional shooters, the player acts most often inSingle. He wanders around in locations, collecting cold, firearms and energy weapons, hitting the adversaries on his way. Usually, in order to pass the level, it is necessary to perform a number of tasks. The enemies of the character can be monsters, aliens, mutants (as in Doom, Half-Life, Duke Nukem 3D) or bandits (Max Payne).
Depending on the legend of the game in the arsenal of the playerCan be like modern types of flamethrowers, rifles, pistols, and all sorts of futuristic blasters. Knives, baseball bats, sabers, mounts, daggers, crossbows, shotguns, machine guns, Molotov cocktails can serve as weapons. Often, a firearm has an optical sight. In 3D shooters, a player can fight with an opponent in melee, kicking and kicking.
3D-shooters can be from the first person (the player seesLocation "by the eyes" of the character) and from the third person (the player sees the character from any side, for example, from the back, or can postpone the "camera" and see the whole character.) In a number of games, you can switch to the first or third person with hot keys. Also are divided into bloody (you need to destroy a large number of virtual enemies that are coming on the character groups) and tactical (the character acts as part of a group of heroes.) Examples of bloody shooters are Will Rock, Left 4 Dead, examples of tactical - Counter-Strike, Arma, Batllefield .
Genre fighting game involves a series of duels between two or more opponents. In this genre popular Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Dead or Alive, Guilty Gear X.
In games made in the genre of arcade,Quickly think and act quickly. The gameplay is simple enough, but the difficulty is getting all sorts of bonuses, without which you can not access some elements of the game.

Simulators (managers)

Games such as simulators allow the player to controlThis or that process, the basis of which is taken from real life. Technical simulators allow you to take control of your car or combat aircraft, solving a variety of tasks. Examples of technical simulators are F1 2011, IL-2 Sturmovik, War Thunder, Railworks, Ship Simulator. In arcade simulators, physics is usually simplified, but still there (in contrast to the arcade itself). Examples of games: Need for Speed, Wing Commander, X-Wing. In the sport of simulations as much as possible completely simulated a game. The most popular are simulators of football, bowling, hockey, tennis, billiards, basketball, golf. A separate category distinguishes sports managers, where the player is invited to manage the athlete or team, setting the main goal is not to win in a match, and build a competent infrastructure management.
To economic simulators (they are oftenThe elements of the strategy are viewed) include games about entrepreneurship. The player must manage the enterprise, making profit from it. Popular games in this genre: "Virtonomics", "Monopoly", "Capitalism". To the economic simulators is the game management system of the city (SimCity), the state on the island (Tropico), the farm (SimFarm).


Strategies are games that require developmentA certain algorithm of actions for achieving one or another goal. The player controls the world, the enterprise or any unit. According to the scheme of the game process, such games are divided into:
- real-time strategy, where players make moves simultaneously, collect resources, strengthen their bases, hire soldiers: Warcraft, Starcraft, Age of Empires-
- turn-based strategies, where you need to take turns to make moves: Civilization, Heroes of Might and Magic, Disclipes-
- card strategies, which are computer versions of popular card games: "Spectromancer", Magic the Garthering.
According to the scale of the game process, the strategies are divided into:
- vargeymy, where the player is invited to create an army and defeat the enemy: Panzer General, Steel Panthers, MechCommander-
- global strategies in which the player is givenThe ability to manage the economy and foreign policy of the state, as well as to develop scientific progress, diplomacy, master new lands: Master of Orion, Hearts of Iron, Empire: Total War and others-
- God's simulators allow the player to controlDevelopment of a small town, turn it into a metropolis, paying attention not only to the construction of buildings, but also to maintaining the optimal state of society: Spore, Black & White, From Dust.


During the adventure game, the player interacts with other characters and solves logical problems. Such games are divided into:
- text adventure games (text quests), where the player had to give instructions through the command line: "Hunt for Wampus," Zork and others-
- graphic adventure games (graphicQuests), where there was a graphical interface and the ability to control the game using a computer mouse: "Larry in the output suit," Syberia, Space Quest-
- an adventure thriller in which the player's success depends on the speed of his reaction: Legend of Zelda, Resident Evil-
- Visual novels suggest the display of text blocks and static pictures on the screen, and the player is asked to choose one or another variant of the answer depending on the proposed situation.

Music Games

In such games, the game process is built onMusical design. A subtype of musical games is rhythmic games, where the player has to correctly press the buttons shown on the screen, which appear in time with the music.

Role-playing games

In role-playing games, personalCharacter characteristics (health, proficiency, magic) and equipment. Characteristics can be improved by destroying other characters or mobs. As a rule, in role-playing games there is a sufficiently large-scale world, a carefully thought out plot. Examples of such games are Mass Effect, Diablo, Fallout, "Technomagia".

Logic games

In logical games, the player's reaction does not affectOn the course of the game. It is important to correctly solve one or another set task in the allotted time. Very popular such logic games (puzzles) as "Minesweeper", Sokoban, Portal.

Board games

This type is a computer adaptation of traditional board games: "Monopoly", checkers, maps, chess.

Text Games

Text games practically do not require resourcesComputer. Their history began long ago, but such games still find admirers. The player is invited to choose one of the proposed options for action. A variety of text games are games in a pseudo-graphic, that is, a mosaic constructed of a set of symbols.

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