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What are the different types of computer games

Classification of computer games - a moot point. Firstly, little what game can be unequivocally attributed to a particular genre, and secondly, the criteria themselves different genres in various sources.

However, most of the games can still be divided into certain types.


These include shooters, fighting games, arcade.
The three-dimensional shooters player operates mostly inalone. He wanders through the locations, collecting gun, knife and energy weapons, hitting emerging in his way opponents. Generally, to pass the level, you must perform a number of tasks. Enemies of the character can be monsters, aliens, mutants (as in Doom, Half-Life, Duke Nukem 3D) or bandits (Max Payne).
Depending on the legends game player's arsenalIt can be as modern types of flame throwers, rifles, pistols, and all sorts of futuristic blasters. As the weapons may make knives, baseball bats, swords, mounts, daggers, crossbows, shotguns, machine guns, Molotov cocktails. Often firearms has optical sight. The 3D-shooters the player can fight with the enemy in melee, causing his feet and punches.
Of 3D-shooter can be the first person (the player seeslocation "eyes" of the character) and third person (the player sees a character with a party, for example, from the back, or may delay the "camera" and see the character as a whole. In some games, you can switch to the first or third person hot keys. Shooter also divided into a bloody (it is necessary to destroy a large number of virtual enemies that are closing in on a group of characters) and tactical (character acts as a part of the heroes of the group) examples of bloody shooters are Will Rock, Left 4 of Dead, examples of tactical -. Counter-Strike, Arma, Batllefield .
Genre fighting game involves a series of fights between two or more opponents. In this genre popular Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Dead or Alive, Guilty Gear X.
In the games made in the genre of arcade, it is necessarythink fast and act quickly. The gameplay is quite simple, but the difficulty is obtaining all sorts of bonuses, without which it is impossible to gain access to some elements of the game.

Simulations (managers)

Games such as simulators allow the player to controlone way or another process, the basis of which is taken from real life. Technical simulations allow to take over control of the vehicle or combat aircraft, solving a variety of problems. Examples of technical simulators are F1 2011, "IL-2 Sturmovik», War Thunder, Railworks, Ship Simulator. The arcade physics simulator, usually simpler, but still present (as opposed to the actual arcades). Examples of games: Need for Speed, Wing Commander, X-Wing. In sports simulators as fully simulated any game. The most popular are football simulators, bowling, hockey, tennis, billiards, basketball, golf. In a separate category are distinguished sports managers, where the player is invited to manage an athlete or a team, putting the main aim is not to win a particular match and build a competent infrastructure management.
The economic simulations (they oftenvisible elements of the strategy) games carry on business. The player must manage the enterprise, extracting from it a profit. Popular games in this genre: "Virtonomics", "Monopoly", "Capitalism". The economic simulations and games include city management system (SimCity), the state of the island (Tropico), farm (SimFarm).


Strategy - games that require generationan algorithm actions for achieving a particular purpose. The player controls the world, now, or in any department. Under the scheme of game play such games are divided into:
- Real-time strategy, where players make their moves simultaneously, collect resources, strengthen their base, recruit soldiers: Warcraft, Starcraft, Age of Empires-
- Turn-based strategy, which in turn is necessary to make moves: Civilization, Heroes of Might and Magic, Disclipes-
- Card strategy is a computer version of the popular card game 'Spectromancer », Magic the Garthering.
On the scale of gameplay strategy is divided into:
- War-game, where the player is invited to create an army and defeat the enemy: Panzer General, Steel Panthers, MechCommander-
- Global strategy, which is given to the playerthe ability to manage the economy and foreign policy, as well as to develop the scientific progress, diplomacy, explore new lands: Master of Orion, Hearts of Iron, Empire: Total War and Other-
- Simulators god allow the player to control thedevelopment of small town, turn it into a metropolis, focusing not only on the construction of buildings, but also the maintenance of an optimal state of society: Spore, Black & White, From Dust.


During the game-adventure player interacts with other characters and solve logic puzzles. These games are divided into:
- Text adventure games (text quests), where the player had to give instructions on the command line "on Vampusa Hunting», Zork and Other-
- Graphical adventure games (graphicsquests), where there was a graphical interface and the ability to control the game by using a computer mouse, "Leisure Suit Larry», Syberia, Space Quest-
- Action adventure in which the player's success depends on the speed of its response: Legend of Zelda, Resident Evil-
- Visual novels involve the display of text blocks and static images, and the player is invited to choose one or the other answer, depending on the situation offered.

music games

In such games, the gameplay is based onmusical design. Subtype rhythmic music games are games where the player will have to press the right buttons shown on the screen that appear in time with the music.

Role-playing games

In role-playing games are personal importancea character (health, knowledge of the profession, magic) and equipment. The characteristics can be improved by destroying monsters or other characters. As a rule, large-scale role-playing games is enough world, carefully thought out storyline. Examples of such games is Mass Effect, Diablo, Fallout, «Technomagic".

Logic games

In logic games, the player does not affect the reactionin the course of the game. It is important to solve a particular task in the allotted time. A very popular such logical games (puzzles) as "Minesweeper», Sokoban, Portal.

Board games

This type is a computer adaptation of the traditional board game "Monopoly", checkers, cards, chess.

Word games

Word games require virtually no resourcescomputer. Their story began long ago, but the games still find fans. The player is invited to choose one of the options. A variety of text-based games are games pseudographics, that is a mosaic constructed from a set of characters.

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