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What are the things from the online store of goods from China is beneficial to buy

What are the things from the online store of goods from China is beneficial to buy

The Internet has become an integral part of most people's lives.

In addition, the increased popularity of online stores.

At the end of 2013 the number of online shoppers in Russia is 30 million people, is 50% of the total number of Internet users of resources.

The increasing popularity gaining Chineseonline shopping. For many product orders from China has become commonplace. What caused such popularity? What attracts customers and whether it is profitable - to buy goods directly from China?

What to buy?

One reason for the popularity of Chinese goods -low cost. Chinese Internet shops represent a wide range of products, constantly updated assortment, a variety of popular brands. The low value of the goods due to the fact that you buy the goods directly from the manufacturer, without intermediaries. Accordingly, there are no trade margins and are guaranteed a high level of quality. Most often bought from China clothing, footwear and accessories. In second place in popularity is technology - mobile phones, tablets, e-books and other electronic gadgets. It is also very popular flash cards, cables, electronics. Further there are baby products, toys, household goods.

So what is it that is beneficial to buy in China?

The most profitable goods from China are consideredmobile devices, which can be purchased at 2-3 times cheaper than counterparts in local stores. The same applies to tablets, e-books and players. Laptops ordered from China are advised not to, they do not correspond to the declared quality. The Chinese online stores selling a lot of interesting things that can not be found at home. For example, various massagers, hair styling appliances, utensils, facilitating everyday life. As a rule, very entertaining pieces and are inexpensive, are very popular with customers. Of course, profitable order from China clothing, shoes, children's clothes.

Chinese fashion is peculiar, but on popular Internet sites can be found in China and European models, as well as cheap copies of brand.

there are real brands, which are represented in the official store on the site of the most popular worldwide online store.
There are some disadvantages in the order of thingsChina. It's a long delivery - from 14 to 50, sometimes more days. It is not possible to touch the thing, to determine its quality and serviceability. Goods to be ordered you ultimately may differ from what you see in the image. If you ordered something from the clothing or shoe size does not fit. And that thing can come with marriage, and generally can not mention. Although now most Chinese online stores are to meet buyers return money for a defective item or make a discount on your next purchase.

Before ordering goods, you should payattention to some of the nuances. Check the seller, usually at the site indicate its rating and guarantees. One product may be represented by different vendors at different prices.

The Chinese are very good at counterfeiting, butreally a good thing can not cost a penny. Notice how many people have purchased this product, have become bestsellers products, the best in terms of price and quality.
Chinese products should not be reserved for the periodChinese New Year celebration. Around it from 20 January to 25 February, the date is always different. E-mail does not work in China in this period, as well as intermediaries, and the Chinese themselves - celebrate the new year. It is best to issue all orders until 20 January to posting managed to get out of China, and to resume purchases can have from 1 March. The best time to buy something on Chinese Internet sites, is the period from 1 March to 1 December. Successful and profitable purchases!

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