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How are symptoms of kidney stasis?


On the state of the kidneys learn from the results of ultrasound and urography </a>

Frequent trips to the toilet "in a small way" - the first alarming signs, signaling a malfunction in the work of the kidneys.

It is extremely easy to chill them, just sit on the damp ground or take a dip in the cool water. But to cure neglected forms of kidney diseases too quickly will not succeed.

To prevent the development of serious pathologies, you should know how the first signs of the aching buds appear.

How to recognize if the kidneys are chapped?

Any hypothermia leads to problems withHealth. And if the runny nose and coughing appear almost immediately, then the kidney disease may be asymptomatic for some time, which is fraught with serious consequences.
The main task of these paired bodies is toRemoval of the liquid part of metabolic products and maintenance of homeostasis in the body, so it is extremely undesirable to chill the kidneys. If this happens, they will make themselves felt in the lower back pain and a number of other signs:
- frequent or rare urge to urinate-
- change in color of urine-
- the appearance in the urine of blood impurities-
- constant thirst-
- puffiness-
- Specific rashes on the skin.

Sedentary work can cause stagnantPhenomena in the body, including in the kidneys. People who belong to this category of workers are advised to make frequent breaks, which consist in moving around the room.

In addition, the symptom of a kidney stasis may beAct change of taste and smell of ammonia, emanating from the mouth. A person complains of fatigue, impaired vision, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, weight loss.

Diagnosis of kidney diseases

In the presence of these symptoms, it is necessary to submit a general blood test, urine and biochemical analysis for creatinine, the results of which make it clear how well the kidneys function.
If there is an inflammatory process in the analysisBlood is determined by the increased rate of erythrocyte sedimentation (ESR) and leukocytosis. The increase in the number of epithelial cells in the urine and its relative density confirm a violation of the functionality of the kidneys. Ultrasound and urography are indicated for the diagnosis of severe conditions.

How can you quickly improve your health, until you have prescribed medication?

When the first symptoms of the affected kidneys appearTo facilitate the condition will help the kidney fee, which is sold at the pharmacy. His preparation is done according to the instructions. Simultaneously, having both a diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect, it strengthens the body and increases its protective forces.

To maintain the kidney in a healthy stateShould limit the use of products containing caffeine. This component, which acts as a diuretic, is found in coffee and in some non-alcoholic drinks.

If you suspect a development of allergic reactionsOn certain components of this collection it is recommended to reduce the dosage 10 times during the first preparation. In the absence of negative consequences, renal collection can be taken in full doses, but without exceeding them.
To warm the chilled kidneys will help a warm sedentaryBath with the addition of decoction of the renal collection. In water, the temperature of which should not exceed 40 degrees, it is necessary to sit for about 15 minutes. Before going to bed, you can put an electric heater under your waist (for half an hour).
Despite the improvement, self-cancelMedical appointments are not worth it, because the pathological process can take a chronic form. As the course of treatment ends, you must re-take all the tests to make sure that your kidneys are healed.

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