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What are the strong painkillers

What are the strong painkillers

In general, pain signals to health failures.

However, most people are not in a hurry to see a doctor about this, but prefer their own to solve the problem by taking sufficiently strong painkillers.

Analgesics help relieve pain in humans, as well as facilitate the child's condition.

Analgesics pharmacologicallyare divided into two categories: narcotic and non-narcotic drugs. Narcotic analgesics relieve a person from severe attacks of pain. Popular drugs such groups are fentanyl, methadone, omnopon, morphine, Promedolum. These drugs have quite a strong analgesic effect, so basically they are used for serious injuries, as well as in diseases and injuries, which are characterized by intolerable pain. However, be aware that narcotic analgesics have a strong influence on the nervous system. Thus, long-term use of these drugs is a human patient euphoria develops into psychic and physical dependence. In the end, even hallucinations can occur.
Non-narcotic analgesics areSynthetic funds available in every home. As a rule, they differ in chemical composition and are less analgesic activity compared with narcotic drugs. The most well-known drugs in this group include: acetaminophen, aspirin, aminopyrine, analgin. The use of such drugs recommended in inflammatory processes in various organs and tissues. For example, arthritis, dental pain, neuritis, causing pain.
Also, there is pain relieverscalled antispasmodics that relieve spasms of internal organs. These include papaverine, atropine, no-spa. Pain attacks with heart disease impaired by drugs as validol, nitroglycerin, improves blood circulation in the heart. When the pain of the gastrointestinal tract to help carminative drugs analgesics, eliminate flatulence.

Common and very potent painkillers

Such drugs are: Nurofen, ketoprofen, diclofenac, ibuprofen, ketonal. This list of drugs used for osteoporosis, oncology, surgery and tooth extraction, for fractures, bruises and sprains, osteochondrosis, from abdominal pain. Also, they help to relieve pain when the muscle sprains, gout, sciatica, arthritis, spondylitis and osteoarthritis. These drugs, like ibuprofen and Nurofen great for children as an antipyretic and analgesic.

Self - harm

There are some warning signs atthe presence of which is prohibited analgesics intake. Otherwise, their use can lubricate the picture of the disease and lead to a wrong treatment. Very strong and sharp pain in the abdomen may be due to appendicitis, bleeding into the abdominal cavity due to an ectopic pregnancy in women, as well as intestinal obstruction. In these painful attacks should call an ambulance immediately. Pretty dangerous symptom is a combination of headache with loss of consciousness and gag reflex as a cause of this condition may be the occurrence of serious diseases such as stroke or encephalitis. Therefore, in this case drinking painkillers without consulting a specialist is not desirable.

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