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As there are strict, but fashionable hairstyles


What are the strict but fashionable hairstyles?</a>

In cities where many girls work in offices, there is a strict dress code. And it concerns not only clothes, but also accessories, shoes, hairstyles.

Fashion girls have to choose haircuts that would not only go to them and emphasize the virtues, but they were quite strict.

Strict hairstyles for long hair - how to look fashionable

In most companies that introduce a dress codeFor their employees, very long hair is not welcome. But to cut beautiful dense locks for the sake of management it is not necessary. You can do strict hairstyles before going to work, it does not take long.
Actual, fashionable, but quite strictHairstyle - the so-called hala. It is done simply. The hair is combed up and fixed with an elastic band on the back of the head. The tail is obtained, the tip of which is wrapped around the base. If the volume of hair is not enough - they can be combed. Those who want a lush halo, you need to buy special hairdresser foam pads. They come in different colors, they can be chosen under the shade of curls. The roller is inserted into the tail and fastened with a hair clip to the elastic band. Hair wraps around him. It turns out a very fluffy and fashionable hairstyle that meets the strictest office standards.

To create strict hairstyles, the most commonly required laying agents are varnish, foam, gel, etc. They allow you to keep a clear shape for a long time.

Hair of medium length - how to make a fashionable stern hairstyle

For curls of medium length - to the shoulders or slightlyBelow, there are many strict hairstyles. A bunch, a shell, various variations on a braid, simply strict hairstyles of type kare. Currently, one of the most topical hairstyles is the retro shell, which is easy to make on medium length hair.
For a hairdress, you will need a special hairpin withSlit in the middle. It is attached to the back, across the head. The entire volume of hair extends through the slot, and then under the barrette. The tips come from below. To styling did not fall apart, curls better to scratch well and sprinkle with varnish. If there is a bang - it can be laid on the forehead or combed back.

Strict hairstyles do not accept bright flashy hairpins. Maximum - you can choose a small accessory in the tone of the costume and decorate their hair.

Short hair - to make a strict hairstyle is very simple

Short haircuts in themselves look enoughstrictly. To adapt them to the business style, it is enough to give the locks a volume, packing them with a hair dryer and a round comb. After that, select several strands near the face with a gel - so that the form of the haircut becomes more distinct.
These hair styles for hair of different lengthsNot just a business lady. They can be worn to school, for examinations to the institute, for an interview, etc. Wherever you need to look confident, a serious girl.

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