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What are strict but trendy hairstyles

What are strict but trendy hairstyles

In the cities, where many women work in offices, there is a strict dress code. And it concerns not only clothes, but also accessories, shoes and hairstyles.

Fashionable women have to choose a hairstyle that not only would go to them and emphasized the advantages, but also have been rigorous enough.

Strict hairstyles for long hair - how to look fashionable

Most companies that introduce a dress codefor its employees, it is not welcome long flowing hair. But to cut a beautiful thick locks in favor of management is not necessary. You can do the strict hairstyles before going to work, it does not take much time.
Current, fashionable, but strict enoughhairstyle - so-called Challah. Done it easy. The hair combed upward and fixed elastic band at the back. It turns tail, the tip of which is wound around the base. If the volume of hair is not enough - they can be to comb. Those who want lush challah, you need to purchase a special hairdresser, foam rollers. They come in different colors, pick them under the shade of locks is not difficult. The roller is inserted into the tail and is attached to the elastic clasp. Hair wrapped around it. It turns out very lush and fashionable hairstyle that meets the most stringent standards office.

To create a strict hair styling tools are needed most - lacquer, foam, gel, etc. They allow you to maintain a clear shape for a long time.

Medium length hair - how to make a fashionable hairstyle strict

For medium-length tresses - shoulder-length or slightlybelow, there is a set of strict hairstyles. Beam, shell, variations on the theme of the braid, simply type the strict hairstyles bob. Currently, one of the most pressing hairstyles - retro shell, which is easy to do in the medium-length hair.
For hairstyles need a special hairpin witha slit in the middle. It fastens behind, across the head. The entire amount of hair pulled through the slot, and then a hairpin. The tips come from below. To blow not broke, good to comb the curls better and sprinkle with varnish. If you have bangs - it can be put on his forehead or pulled back.

Strict hairstyles do not accept the bright eye-catching pins. Maximum - you can pick up a small accessory to suit the tone and beautify their hair.

Short hair - make strict hairstyle is very simple

Short haircuts themselves look quitestrictly. In order to adapt them to the business style, it is enough to give volume curls, place them with a hair dryer and a round hairbrush. Then highlight a few strands near the person using the gel - to form a hairstyle became clearer.
These options hairstyles for hair of different lengthssuitable not only business woman. They can be worn to school, on the exams to college, a job interview, etc. Everywhere, where you need to look confident, serious girl.

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