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What are the signs of the zodiac top

What are the signs of the zodiac top

Many people know that the signs of the zodiac circle of 12, but this is not true.

In fact, the zodiac has a gradation, and experienced astrologers can easily tell that there is a top-level signs, which are located on the border of the lower-level characters.

In contrast to the usual signs of the zodiac, socalled upper signs are complex and contradictory, be extremely difficult for a horoscope, the representatives of the people of this level. Top marks of their respective owners make non-standard and sometimes inexplicable personalities.

Top Level Account

Violating the mundane order of account numberingThe upper sign being counterclockwise. All of them are very symbolic to the Ether element that speaks to their amazing properties of penetration among the other familiar characters. Interestingly, the management of these upper signs are not charged with planets and stars, they grant them energy and strength.

If your sign is located on the border of several planets, you are likely to belong to members of the upper sign.

Representatives of the Upper zodiac signs

Identify belonging to the upper zodiacIt accepted not only by date of birth, but also the time at which often require a precise indication, up to minutes. Usually referred to the top on the boundary of Aries and Pisces Clock, representatives of this sign are the lords of time. Creativity and boundless individuality gives Pegasus belonging to the intermediate state in tandem "Aquarius - Fish".

Upper zodiacs also 12, they are calculated on the bottom border of the zodiacal circle.

Secrets and mysteries of the Sphinx bears his placeIt lies between Aquarius and Capricorn. To the upper sign also includes a holistic and clear Tree, Raven fair, responsible shepherd, a brave warrior, a talented Chariot, which is in constant search of the meaning of being a ship, creator Keith and unearthly Ophiuchus.
It is believed that people born under the signUpper sign, bears some divine message and therefore is exposed to the highest risk from the evil forces trying to capture his soul. Upper Zodiac has a great influence on the destiny of man and give him a severe test, starting from infancy. Children with one in the horoscope of the upper sign, more than others prone to death, becoming older, they go through a huge amount of all kinds of temptations are constantly being faced with a choice in how the forces of good or evil to join.

The mission of the upper sign

People from menog, so since ancient timesIt called the upper world, to which all top marks, are in a state of constant struggle for the purity of his soul and the dowry is performed on the ground a special mission. Rejection of it promises them a miserable and meaningless existence. They are the people clean and righteous ideals, are the guardians of the faith, and distributors of religious doctrines, their prayers more often reach the heavenly creator in contrast to the usual lower marks, before which set no less important task of maintaining the harmony of the ordinary world in which we all exist.

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