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How are signs of low blood pressure


What are the signs of low blood pressure</a>

Normal pressure for an adult is considered to be 120/80. And all the indicators below this level indicate the presence of low blood pressure or hypotension.

To help in time to help yourself or loved ones, you need to know the signs of low blood pressure.

Reduced blood pressure, according to statistics, is most common in women. Low blood pressure is mainly worried about people aged no more than 40 years.

Symptoms of low blood pressure

If you measure pressure continuously or fromOccasionally you see figures less than 95/65 mm. Gt; Then you need to talk about reduced pressure. By the way, lowering blood pressure can manifest itself even in absolutely healthy people, adolescents. This is not always a pathology, but a physiological condition.

Lowering blood pressure is not as dangerous to human health as a sharp jump up. With increased blood pressure, cerebral stroke, heart attack may occur.

One sign of a lowered blood pressure may beWeakness and dizziness. Often the loss of consciousness is indicated by pressure drops, "flies" before the eyes, shortness of breath, ringing in the ears. A strong headache can also tell about the decrease in pressure, however, this symptom is also observed with hypertension.
A painful reaction to noise is also common,Sharp sounds, bright light. Apathy, reaching a loss of efficiency, activity, too, can signal a decrease in pressure. But, like a number of other signs, these symptoms can also refer to increased blood pressure.

Low blood pressure - symptoms and causes

With lowered arterial pressure,There is a pain in the frontal-temporal part of the head, more like a migraine. Hypotension manifests itself in exhaustion, a sharp increase in sweating, pale skin of the face and hands. A person becomes sluggish, he feels broken.

Simultaneously with a decrease in pressure, a decrease in temperature can be observed up to 35.9 ° C.

Together with the general weakness of hypotension loseAppetite, interest in everything that happens. This symptom may be accompanied by the presence of gravity in the stomach, eructation, nausea. In women with a decrease in blood pressure, menstrual pain may occur, and in the stronger sex - problems in the genital area.
The reason for going to the doctor may be anotherSign of reduced pressure - dependence on weather conditions. A visit to a specialist will help to establish the cause of a morbid condition and prescribe an effective treatment. Do not self-medicate, and in time to notice a decrease in blood pressure, make a control measurement when the first signs of hypotension.

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