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How are signs of liver cirrhosis?


What are the signs of liver cirrhosis</a>

Cirrhosis of the liver is a serious, almost irreversible disease characterized by a significant impairment of the functions of the affected organ.

In cirrhosis, liver tissue is replaced with a fibrous connective tissue, liver failure gradually develops.

The early signs of the disease are often longRemain unnoticed, in some cases, to the late stages there is an asymptomatic course of cirrhosis, which prevents timely treatment, compensate for the function of the affected cells and maintain healthy cells.

Signs of cirrhosis;

In the early stages of the disease, patients oftenDisturb digestive disorders (nausea, a feeling of heaviness after eating, bloating, discomfort in the stomach and right hypochondrium). Pain in the right upper quadrant can be strengthened after eating or exercise. Patients complain of rapid fatigue, general weakness, decreased appetite, impaired concentration and sleep (daytime sleepiness and sleeplessness at night). Often, these signs are taken for the consequences of past infectious diseases or diet violations, are written off for stress and chronic fatigue, so patients do not seek help or receive adequate treatment.
As the disease progresses, theSigns of liver damage. There is a bitter taste in the mouth, a feeling of heaviness and pain in the right hypochondrium becomes almost constant. In later stages of digestive disorders, patients suffer from eructations, flatulence, nausea, alternating diarrhea and constipation. Often, patients with cirrhosis noticeably lose weight. Possible dry skin, increased hair loss, women are disrupted menstrual cycle, men develop erectile dysfunction. Fatigue, sleep and attention disorders become constant companions of the patient.
If the treatment is not started at this stage,Develop signs such as yellowing of the skin and sclera, itchy skin, inexplicable fever. The appearance of the skin changes: in addition to yellowness and pigment spots, vascular "stars" appear on it, small hemorrhages, palms or fingertips, and sometimes completely hands become red. The liver is enlarged, and it is felt even by the diseased, when palpation you can see its tuberosity. Immunity decreases, there are pains in the muscles, in some cases, hemorrhoids develop.

Complications of cirrhosis

Complications appear in the late stagesDisease. Patients with ascites - an accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity, because of which the stomach significantly increases in size, bluish vascular pattern may appear on the skin of the abdomen. At the same time, liquid accumulates in the tissues, because of which the extremities swell. Possible hepatic encephalopathy - a violation of brain function due to damage to the nervous system by toxins, expressed in violations of intelligence, behavior changes, irritability, memory impairment.
In the late stages of cirrhosis are frequentGastrointestinal bleeding. Also, such signs as darkening of urine and clarification of feces, "lacquer" and bright crimson color of lips and tongue may appear. Men can have gynecomastia - an increase in mammary glands. Patients lose weight, the liver decreases in size, which indicates the almost complete degeneration of its tissues.

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