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As there are short humorous stories of Chekhov


What are the short humorous stories of Chekhov</a>

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov is an acknowledged master of short literary works.

His short stories in satirical form show the surrounding reality, and their relevance does not go down until now.

"The death of an official" is a humorous tragedy

This story in a satirical manner denounces fearBefore their superiors, toadying, fawning and self-abasement. The protagonist of the work is a small official with a talking name Chervyakov. In the theater, he accidentally sneezes at the bald head of the state general in front. In awe of the high rank, Chervyakov begins to apologize, but for the general this offense does not have such serious significance. He hastily forgives Chervyakov and continues to watch the play. However, the petty official, terrified of his deed, begins to apologize again and again to the general, pursues him on the street and even comes home. This story illustrates one of the main problems of human society - blind worship of social status and status. This problem is also relevant today.

The story "The Death of an Official" was first published in the journal "Oskolki" in 1883.

"Complaints book" - story without a plot

This work of Chekhov became innovative in itstime. It is devoid of plot and plot, but, nevertheless, it is a full-fledged literary work with a theme and idea. The story is a fragment of a book of complaints located at the railway station. At first glance, it's just a collection of motley citations, but you can see all the Russian people in miniature. Here there are real complaints, and confessions of love, and folk rhymes, and tests of the pen of beginning writers. Just a few strokes, Chekhov makes readers laugh at themselves and think about the fate of the country.

"Thick and thin" - again about the ranks

Revelation of sycophancy and servility beforeHigher persons - this is one of Chekhov's favorite topics. Like the "Death of an Official", this story was also printed in the satirical magazine "Shards". In the center of the work are two school friends who have not seen each other for many years. Having met, they happily recall their childhood and ask each other about life. "Slim", showing off about his family and promotion, recalls children's pranks. But everything changes when "fat" confesses about getting a high rank. His school friend suddenly changes in his face, acquires an ingratiating tone and turns to an old friend for "You." Chekhov ridicules the obsequious admiration for the officers and bright features depicts the type of sycophant.

In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk there is a monument to the heroes of the story.

"Left" - words and actions

The heroes of the story are a typical middle-aged familyProsperity that does not need material. After a hearty dinner, his wife remembers the unworthy act of his acquaintance, who married a man with a not very clear conscience. A woman is sprayed for a long time about the fraudulent tricks of this man and the stupidity of his girlfriend. The husband with a grin retorts that he also scams big enough - hence the money for tasty food, outfits and entertainment. Does the wife leave her husband after this confession? Yes, he leaves. But, as Chekhov says, it's only in another room. The story shows how people tend to condemn others. But, noticing the same shortcomings in themselves or their loved ones, they prefer not to notice them, so as not to lose a comfortable existence.

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