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What are the short humorous stories Chekhov

What are the short humorous stories Chekhov

Anton Chekhov - a recognized master of short literary works.

His short stories in the form of satirical show the surrounding reality, and their relevance is not reduced so far.

"Death to the official" - a humorous tragedy

This story in the form of satirical exposes fearto higher, sycophancy, flattery and self-abasement. The main product of the hero - a minor official with the surname speaking Worms. In the theater, he accidentally sneezes on the bald head sitting in front of Privy general. The terror of the high rank of Worms begins to apologize, but for the general offense is not such a great importance. He hastily forgiving Chervyakova and continues to watch the spectacle. However, a minor official, horrified at the offense begins again and again apologize to the general, pursues him on the street and even comes home. This story illustrates one of the major problems of human society - the blind worship of the social position and status. This issue is relevant today.

The story "The Death of the official" was first printed in "Fragments" magazine in 1883.

"Complaints Book" - a story without a plot

This work Chekhov was groundbreaking in itstime. It has no plot and the plot, but, nevertheless, is a complete literary work, and the idea of ​​having a theme. The story is a book of complaints fragment located at the railway station. At first glance, there assembled a motley collection of quotations, but a closer look, they can see the whole Russian nation in miniature. Here there are real complaints and declarations of love, and folk poems, and feather samples novice writers. With just a few strokes of Chekhov makes readers laugh at themselves and think about the fate of the country.

"Thick and Thin" - again on rank

Conviction sycophancy and servility beforesuperior individuals - this is one of the favorite themes of Chekhov. As well as "Death to the official," the story was also published in the satirical "Shards" magazine. In the center of the works - two school friends, who had not seen for many years. After meeting, they are happy to remember his childhood and question each other about life. "Thin", showing off, tells the story of the family and promotion, recalls childish pranks. But everything changes when a "thick" acknowledged the receipt of high rank. His school friend suddenly changes in the face, gets whiny tone and turns to an old friend on the "you". Chekhov satirizes servile admiration for the ranks and striking features depicts a sneak type.

In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk is a monument to the heroes of the story.

"Gone" - words and actions

The heroes of the story - a typical family averageprosperity, does not need material. After a hearty dinner, the wife remembers the inappropriate action of his friend, who was married to a man with not very clear conscience. Woman long sprayed fraudulent antics of this man and his girlfriend stupidity. Her husband objected with a smile that he is also quite big cheat - hence the money on delicious food, clothes and entertainment. Exit if the wife from her husband after this recognition? Yes, it goes. But, says Chekhov, just in the other room. The story shows how people tend to judge others. But, seeing the same flaws in yourself or in your family, they prefer to ignore them, so as not to lose the comfortable existence.

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