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What are sneakers</a>

Sneakers - not only very popular in allThe world of footwear, but also, according to experts, also the best-selling. Sports enthusiasts usually have several pairs for different types of loads, but even those who are far from a healthy lifestyle value the comfort and convenience of the sneakers.

To choose the right type of the type that best suits you, it is useful to learn about what sneakers are in general.

A Brief History of Sneakers

The first footwear, created specifically for classesSports, appeared in the XVIII century! These were canvas shoes, remotely resembling sneakers. However, then no one had yet thought of sewing the right and left shoes for different patterns: they were the same. On the basis of canvas shoes later were created sneakers, which are the official progenitor of sneakers. Modern sneakers, already almost such as everyone knows them, appeared in the 30-40's of the XX century. The first of their kind were tennis.
But the real revolution in the history of sneakersOccurred when manufacturers realized the potential of this footwear not only for athletes, but for all other people. Sneakers began to make stylish, a lot of time and effort wasting on their design. This, in the end, led the sneakers to the popularity that they have now.

Football sneakers

Also they are called boots. They are easy to distinguish by special thorns, created for a more rigid grip on the football field. The top of the boots is always made of leather, it can be natural or artificial. The boots are also divided into subspecies, designed for different types of coatings on football fields, because the lawns are soft, raw, ordinary, artificial, and sometimes they play soccer on hard surfaces.

Basketball shoes

Basketball sneakers are easy to learn by the fact thatThey are the highest. Since the athlete makes many jumps and lateral movements, the sneakers must firmly fix the ankle to protect it from injury. Also in basketball sneakers there is a special shock-absorbing sole (in the fore and heel areas) to protect the joints during jumping. The top part of the sneaker is made of leather or mesh material.

Basketball sneakers are one of the heaviest. The weight of one pair can reach 3 kg!

Tennis sneakers

Tennis sneakers are different supportAnkle and an excellent grip of the sole with the surface of the court. They have a wide sole, the pattern on which depends on the type of floor covering for which it is intended. Tennis sneakers are amortized in the toe area, sometimes they are made with nylon inserts to improve ventilation.

Running shoes

Sneakers for running are the easiest of all. The heel is usually stiff, but the sock is flexible. Running sneakers on top are covered with a light synthetic fabric. They, too, are divided into subtypes:
- Sneakers for slow long runs.
- sneakers for high-speed sprint races.
One of the main requirements for running shoes is excellent shock absorption.

For manufacturers of quality sneakers a serious problem is their wear resistance. To improve it, various studies are carried out.

Other types of sneakers

Special kind of running shoes there is practicallyFor each sport, but to enumerate them you would need a whole book. The above are the main and most common types of sneakers. Also it can be noted that various fitness sneakers, volleyball, for martial arts, handball and other disciplines are very popular.
A special niche is occupied by so-called universal sneakers, not intended for a particular sport, but suitable for everyday wear.

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