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What are the shoes

What are the shoes

Sneakers - not only very popular all over thethe world view of the shoe, but, according to experts, even the most sold. Is interested in sports, people usually have several pairs for different types of loads, but even those who are far from a healthy lifestyle, appreciate the comfort and convenience of sneakers.

In order to correctly choose the type of them that best suit you, it is useful to know what generally are sneakers.

A Brief History of shoes

The first shoe designed specifically for trainingsports, appeared in the XVIII century! They were canvas shoes, vaguely reminiscent of sneakers. However, if no one has yet thought to sew right and left shoes in different patterns: they were the same. On the basis of the latest canvas shoes sneakers were created, which is the official ancestor of shoes. Modern running shoes, almost like they all know, appeared in the 30-40-ies of XX century. Their first steel tennis view.
But the real revolution in the history of sneakersoccurred when manufacturers realized the potential of this shoe is not only for athletes, but for all other people. Sneakers have become stylish to do, a lot of time and effort is spent on their design. It is, ultimately, led to the popularity of shoes, which they have now.

Football shoes

Also referred to as boots. They are easily distinguished by the special spikes created for tighter coupling with a football field surface. Top Cleats are always made from the skin, it can be natural or artificial. Cleats are also divided into subspecies, intended for different types of coatings on the football field, as the lawns are soft, moist, conventional, artificial, and sometimes football is played at all hard surfaces.

Basketball shoes

Basketball sneakers are easily recognizable by the fact thatthey are the highest. As an athlete makes a lot of jumping and lateral movements, the shoes should firmly fix the ankle, to protect it from injury. There is also a special shock-absorbing sole in basketball sneakers (in the toe and heel areas) to protect the joints while jumping. The upper part of the shoe sewn from leather or mesh material.

Basketball sneakers - one of the most difficult. Weight of one pair can be up to 3 kg!

Tennis shoes

Tennis shoes are different supportankle and excellent adhesion to the courts the sole surface. They have a broad sole figure of which depends on the type of floor covering, for which it is intended. Tennis shoes are amortized in the toe area, sometimes they are made of nylon inserts for improved ventilation.

Running shoes

Running shoes - the easiest of all. Heel they usually tough, but the sock - flexible. Running shoes on top covered with a light synthetic fabric. They, too, are divided into subtypes:
- Shoes for a long slow runs.
- Running shoes for high-speed sprints.
One of the main requirements for running shoes - excellent cushioning.

For manufacturers of high-quality shoes is a serious problem of their durability. To improve it conducted various studies.

Other shoes

A special kind of shoes, there is almostfor each sport, but to list them would require a whole book. The above mentioned basic and most common types of sneakers. You can also note that the high popularity enjoyed a variety of fitness training shoes, volleyball, martial arts to practice, handball and other disciplines.
A special niche occupied by the so-called universal sneakers, not intended for a particular sport, but suitable for everyday wear.

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