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What are eye slits

What are eye slits

From the ancient times to the present time, people at the meeting pay attention on the interlocutor's eyes.

On them you can read what is not said aloud: joy, fear, arrogance, insincerity.

Almond-shaped eyes slit

Very much a person's appearance is determinedeye shape. And it depends on the location of the axis on which are the "mirror of the soul." This axis can take place only through the internal or external corners of the eyes, and can be straight. Usually there are: almond-shaped, slanted, oriental eyes and lobed.
The brightest representative of the fair sex,having eyes with almond-shaped, is Nefertiti. The eyes of this beautiful ancient ruler shaped like a kernel of an almond nut. Hence came the name - almond.
Outer and inner corners of the eye are described,They are on the same axis, and they are wide open. At the same time the upper eyelid quite heavy and slightly covers the eye up to the iris. The almond-shaped eyes are usually dark iris, ie, they are black or brown. But the bright iris in combination with almond-shaped eyes - a rare and unique phenomenon.

East of the eyes

Oriental beauty stand out from the crowd withspecific unusual appearance. The clearest sign of belonging to the eastern race is the characteristic shape of the eyes. The eyes of the inhabitants of China, Japan and other Eastern countries differ in subtle slabovydelyayuschimisya centuries, and the eyes themselves are narrowed to the inside and outside corners. In this eye corners with oriental slit located on the same horizontal axis as in the case of an almond.

Slanting of the eyes

Slanted eyes are quite specificshape: they are narrowed to the outer corner, but expanding to the inner corner of the eye. At the same time, own corners of the eyes do not lie on the same axis, so are the eyes and got its name - slanting. The inner corner of the eye is less than the outer approximately 10-12 degrees.
Some women seek radical wayget rid of the brace and turn to plastic surgeons, and other representatives of the weaker sex, on the contrary, with the help of makeup emphasize the eyes and turn them into their own flavor.

Lobed shape of the eyes

This is a fairly rare occurrence of the eyes, which is characterized in that the outer corners are located lower than the domestic.
Eyes of any cut is very beautiful and unique. A properly applied makeup can emphasize expressiveness, attractiveness and clarity of sight.

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