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What are the sad songs about love in English

Celine Dion sang a lot of sad songs about love

The English-language pop music sang a lot of sad songs about love.

Creativity foreign singers wonpopularity thanks to the talent of the performers, dramatic story based on real events, feelings sung: unrequited love, the pain of separation from loved ones, and other sincere feelings.

Celine Dion, Goodbye

The song is dedicated to the love of a mother. It talks about the sad and inevitable day when this dear and close person withdraws from life. The singer also recalled his childhood and maternal love and care.

Ewan McGregor, El Tango de Roxanne

The song tells of unrequited loveman to a woman of easy virtue. He wanted to change her life, but can not do so because it does not want to give up their wicked lifestyle.

James Blunt, Goodbye My lover

This song about parting with a beloved woman. Although the hero of a musical work feels that it has been used as a toy, and thrown, he has no regrets about the relationship held. But part is always sad, because so much good could be in life: children, many years together.

Guns and Roses, Do not Cry

This is a very famous rock ballad about love. It tells the story of how the main character is comforting his girlfriend at the time of separation. According to the authors, the song was written under the influence of the words of the girl, which was in love with one of them. The singer appeared in a love triangle. He wanted to get the girl of reciprocity, but it met with his friend.

At the time of declaration of love the author of tears, and she said to him: "Do not cry." These words served as the title for a song.

Madonna, This Used to Be My Playground

In this beautiful and sad ballad tellsof nostalgia for childhood of the first, still a child of love, when it was possible to dream, to play, and where you can make friends. The heroine can not completely say goodbye to the aged and often recalls the past. Its values ​​are in conflict with the values ​​of the world, which requires a never look back, gives priority to the future and life experience.

Simply Red, Stars

This song is dedicated to the girl, in which unrequitedin love with the protagonist. He wanted to be with her, but is afraid of all the pain she had caused him. In his dreams, he falls to her from the stars and falls into her arms.

Nazareth, Love Hurts

This rock ballad was at one time the Europeanhit. It tells the story of unrequited love, full of suffering and pain. Artist compares love with a scorching fire and a cloud, which is about to break out in the rain.

Scorpions, Still Loving You

This is the case when a perfectly matchedunder the plain words of the melody brought the band worldwide popularity. The rock ballad tells the story about the complexities of interpersonal relationships. The main hero of the song makes a mistake, and she can not forgive him. He begs her to give him another chance and keep the relationship. But it prevents pride.

Sting, Englishman in New York

The song tells about the hardships of life abroadand love for the motherland. The Englishman moved to live in New York, where his habits seem strange and alien, and even the English language sounds different. The person feels a foreigner. He struggled to adapt to life in another country, experiencing a difficult immigration process, keeping the love for the fatherland.

Sinead O'Connor, Nothing Compares to U

The song speaks of the difficulties in the relationship between man and woman. The heroine is experiencing separation from a loved one, but can not forget it. This song - a plea for a new start.

Eric Clapton, Tears in Heaven

The history of the song Eric Claptondedicated to his deceased son. Four year old boy fell from the window of a skyscraper in New York. The author believes that the other side there is life in heaven. This song - a premonition of a future meeting in the afterlife.

"Tears in Heaven" helped the singer to survive the tragic event, becoming a kind of therapy. The song - an expression of the most sincere love of the father for her child.

Phil Collins, Another Day in Paradise

The song is dedicated to a street waif, and sung it onindifference of the world. The author does not reveal the name of the homeless, but suggests that it has passed the fire, water and copper pipes, and to know in life a lot of grief. Singer calls for pity and condescension towards the humiliated and rejected. This song - about love in general human sense of the word, love, compassion, love, mercy.

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