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What are the rules of travel the border with Belarus

Highway M-1 (E-30) through Belarus

Travel across the state border of Belarusdetermined by the laws of the Republic and by international treaties. For Russians, like other CIS citizens, at the entrance to Belarus a simplified mode.

You do not have to obtain a visa or to fill in a migration card to cross the border.

Even the passport have not necessarily enough to show the internal passport of the citizen of Russia.

How to get to Belarus by car?

To travel to Belarus by car,except Russian passport, driver's license and documents on the car, you will have to purchase a MTPL policy, acting on the territory of the republic. Its price, depending on the insurer, the company is in the range of 350-500 rubles. The minimum insurance period is two weeks. Sale policy is made at the border.

Daily from Moscow to Belarus goes to 15trains. The journey time between the two capitals 10 hours. Falling asleep in Russia, in the morning you wake up in a different country. The Russians are coming by train, do not pass the border control.

Customs regulations

one person can take without paying a fee:
-, Food - up to 5 kg-
-, Alcohol - no more than 1 liter of spirits and 2 liters piva-
-, Cigarettes - 200 shtuk-
-; Jewelry - no more than 5 pieces (without limitation on the size and weight) -
-; Clothing of leather and fur - up to 3 items:
-, Watch - 1 shtuka-
-; Video recording or equipment, the cost of one unit is not more than 1000 euros.
The total weight of personal items should not exceed 50 kg, and the cost should not exceed 1,000 euros (for the indivisible goods - 80 kg, 1,200 euros). Transportation of cigarettes and alcoholic beverages is permitted from 18 years.
Foreign currency can be carried withoutrestrictions, but if the amount exceeds $ 10,000, it is necessary to specify in the declaration. Belarusian ruble is allowed to be in possession of up to 500 times the minimum wage established in Belarus.

What it is forbidden to carry across the border

Without issuing a special permit is prohibitedtransportation of military equipment, firearms and ammunition, explosives, narcotic drugs and psychotropic, toxic, poisonous, radioactive compounds. As well as information stored on any media, if it can cause damage to the security, health or moral character of citizens.

If you plan to take a trip homepet are kindly requested to arrange to him of international standard veterinary passport. Also, take a certificate stating that the animal is healthy and has all the necessary vaccinations.

What documents need to arrange for a child

To smuggle across the border of the child, in advancepobespokoytes that it is inscribed in the passport of parents and do not forget to bring your birth certificate. You can also draw on the baby personal passport. In the event that a minor leaves the Russian without their parents, you must be in possession of their consent to the trip, certified by a notary.

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