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What are the rules in the orphanage graduates

What rights at the orphanage graduates

Graduates of children's homes - a separate category of young people who have a number of features on social adaptation.

Due to the fact that in most cases these young people unprepared for life outside the walls of the boarding school and have little knowledge of their rights.

Although these rights have quite a lot.

When leaving the children's home of the pupilinstitutions receive a package of documents, which should be useful to them for arranging their lives. The list includes a birth certificate, a passport, a certificate of stay in the orphanage, health certificate, certificate, which identifies the data about the parents or other relatives, as well as documents confirming the right to a living space.

What rights do the children's home graduate

In the first place, a graduate of the orphanage hasthe right to housing. Even those who did not have any living space from parents. By law, each graduate is necessary to receive from the state not less than the amount of square meters, which is necessary for the social norm. For regions these norms vary. And get housing young people should be within 3 months from the date of his 18th birthday.

An exception to this rule are those children,which have been adopted. They state more than anything it should not. But those that are under the care may qualify for free housing.

Also orphanage graduate has the right tosupport from various municipal governments. For example, each of the young people who have left the walls of the boarding school, attached to a social pedagogue or the inspector of the juvenile, which will be in charge of their future life. They help the pupil in employment for work: consultations, assistance in registration with the labor exchange, etc.

That includes consultation, issuing brochures, leaflets, etc. In order to graduate from the orphanage was not taken aback at the exit to the world, educational work carried out in advance with him

The bodies of employment services, if necessaryshould direct the orphanage graduates for free training in order to get this or that profession, if the existing expertise is clearly not enough.

In addition, in the course of training orphans havethe right to receive the scholarship, which is 50% more than usual. it is also entitled to receive an annual allowance for the purchase of textbooks and teaching materials. The list includes also a free transportation to the place of study and living, a leave of absence for medical reasons while maintaining scholarships, etc.

What to consider

Children from orphanages adapt to difficulta new life. Very strongly affected by the fact that they are used to living commune. And yet the current rules prohibit any child labor, considering it as a minor operation, so it is quite common in young people from children's homes do not form skills in cleaning the house, washing dishes, etc.

It is no secret that many people can not passadapt normally. This means that it is worth paying more and more attention in the preliminary discussions and consultations with the children before releasing them from the orphanage.

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