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What are the proverbs of summer

What are the proverbs of summer

Summer - the long-awaited vacation time, recreationoutdoors outside the city or the country, which is waiting for a lot of people. Finally, you can remove the annoying and warm clothes to put on more comfortable shorts, T-shirt and sneakers, play street football, swim in a nearby pond and barbecue.

And what are the proverbs and sayings about this magical time of year?

The most common folk wisdom

On the last summer month - "August - this monthGustar the whole country the Sovereign "," August - he pickles, which gives only enough "," August-Lenora pripaset raw materials on the canvas "and" August summer crushes, but after the round. "
"In the summer of God with rye and features - with a bonfire."
"In August, the guy have three concerns - mow, plow and sow" and "In August, sickles warm, and the water cools."
"The July" proverbs:
- "In July, the yard is empty, and in the field - dense" -
- "In the July sun burns without fire" -
- "In July - your clothes, but it does not become still easier," -
- "In July, the day does not fade" -
- "Dawn in July converge at dawn."
"The color of all the grass - it is already time to mow," "Unfortunately, the summer twice in one year will not happen", "the whole year one summer day to feed."
On a summer day Ilyina:
- "To Ilya man bathes in the river, and from Elijah to have a dip goodbye" -
- "To Ilyina days in the hay pud honey, and after him - only a peck dung" -
- "Until the day Ilyina rains - to overfeed, and after him - from overfeed."
"Rainy summer worse Autumn", "If there is a thunderstorm - hay will then be for the eyes," "And if znoen June - Fishing spit."

In today's world, more and more people are closely watching the likes of "weather" observations.

On the month of July - "July - the main beauty of the summer, middle, color", "July - it is the crown of the summer, and the come December - hat of Winter" and "July - and now spans the end of the beginning of the summer."
Very apt - "The June night sparrow nose shorter", "What is hay, so is the resulting hay", "If red summer - the green meadow."

Less well-known "summer" proverbs and sayings

"Red Summer nobody has bothered."
"Summer day - feed for the year ahead."
Very interesting and the following folk wisdom -"Summer Day for a winter week", "If stormy summer - the winter with blizzards," "If the summer stormy - the winter with blizzards," well, "If rainy - winter will be snowy but frosty."
"If a year's time is skipped, the winter - waddle."
"Summer for the Russian peasant - that his mother's father."
On a rainy summer - "Summer has passed, but the sun is not burned."
Very apt observation - "Summer work in the winter,and winter next summer "," Summer of bread will give birth to, and not a field "," In the summer every bush lodge empty "," If the summer thunderstorm - the extreme cold in the winter, "" In the summer sit at home - so winter or bread crumbs on the table does not have. "

These sayings emphasize the importance of the summer months for a working life of Russians in the last century.

"If the summer all will lie, from the wallet to the neighbors going to run in the winter."
«May for a man - joy, in June - the real happiness."
"If in May creates bread, then June - fragrant hay."
"I do not pray very long summer, and beg for warm summer."
"Do not feed the ax man, and the June work."

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