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What are the proverbs and sayings about happiness

What are the proverbs and sayings about happiness

Happiness is the desired state for almost every human, except for those unfortunates who intend to suffer all his life and consciously choose for themselves this way.

That is why the proverb of happiness in everyday life, love and other areas, as well as the accompanying feeling states that are quite common in many cultures.

Most popular "happy" sayings

"Good luck - it is the same nag, sit on it so gallop."
Very apt next proverb - "Who has what is happiness, and at ordinary pig - it is in the trough."
It is impossible and escape from his own happiness as well as grief - "You're running away from sorrow for the river, and it is already on the other side."
"Sytykh eyes no one else there" - emphasizes the absolute inaccessibility.
"Happiness is only to those in the hard work in training so your mind is gaining."
His happiness is also easy to lose - "Happiness took so slipped through their fingers."
Very apt, and another saying - "Any luck with some misfortune on a sled ride."

Such folk wisdom can help a person in a difficult situation, when everything goes wrong and to happiness - as the moon.

"Happiness in flocks, but a fool is always greater than all the luck" and "Happiness is a few people."
"Happiness - it's not a goldfish, his fishing rod will not catch", "Happiness - not a bird: it is itself in a cage will not come," and another - "Happiness - not zealous horse: it is not so easy to bridle."
The search for happiness in human life - "He was not looking for, and make their own" and "Happiness is not in the air, winds, and only by human hands in a life goes."
"Happiness - always on crutches, and misery - usually on the wings."
Another quite apt remark - "Happiness is always there and work live."
"Happiness is great, but is usually a little crazy for him" and "Happiness without proper mind - the same thing that the leaky scrip."
Another saying of the animal world - "Happiness - it's a wolf. It is easy to deceive, and the forest is gone. "

Less well-known proverbs and sayings

"If you are happy - he always finds a treasure, and if the unfortunate people go - he and dry mushroom nabredete not."
"Happy is the man whose conscience is clear" and "Happy the man, but the misfortune of accidentally caught in the hand."
On the opposite of happiness - "tears of sorrow will not help."

This saying can motivate a person in the search for his personal happiness and fixes often quite a difficult situation.

"With God and away you go somewhere you will find happiness" and "grown rich and happy former beggar - ever charity has not filed."
"If trouble came - just pours" and "Last luck always at once is better than the first."
It is a true saying - "From happiness usually does not run, it is only catching up."
"New look for happiness is not, and do not lose the old look" and "not born into the world of beautiful, and born happy."
"Happiness is not just about money" and "On the mountain of his miracle of happiness can not be built."
Quite apt observation - "It's easier to find your happiness, than his hands to keep" and "long-awaited happiness is easy to find and lose it and that is easier."

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