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How are the pros and cons of living abroad?


What are the pros and cons of living abroad</a>

In the era of globalization, when a person is open to the world, and barriers that previously did not allow him to travel abroad, many people decide to leave their home in search of happiness in another country.

It may be a desire to make a career or to receive training, in any case, life abroad is full of both new joyous discoveries and regrets about the decision taken.

Life abroad seems fascinatingAdventure, but in reality everything can be different. Moving to another country can become for you both a paradise and a real hell. From the positive moments, you can highlight the opportunity to learn a foreign language, learn a lot about the culture of the country, try unusual dishes. But there are also negative aspects: the language barrier, oversights, due to ignorance of the culture and customs of the country, and the features of the kitchen can turn into problems with the stomach and even illness. Of course, an important role is played by the circumstances under which the move is made, as well as the preliminary organization of life and living conditions. Let's consider the main issues that we will have to face when we have been abroad for a long time.

Foreign language

Communication with the local population is alwaysSeems to be a difficult question for people living abroad. If you do not speak the language of this country, even the simplest household affairs can become an insurmountable obstacle, significantly worsening the quality of life. However, the language barrier can also be viewed in a positive light. If you are interested in learning a foreign language, then you have everything for this. Nothing helps to learn foreign languages ​​better than immersion on Wednesday. Indeed, literally everyone with whom you contact is for you a language partner and even a teacher.

For migrants who have lost themselves abroad andMoving from place to place in search of a better life or work, was coined the name - a global nomad. He was brought into use by Norm McCagg, the founder of Global Normad Int.


Like language, culture also plays an important role inHuman life. The rules of social etiquette can be very different from what you have become accustomed to since childhood. For example, how correctly to show the hostess that a dish you like can cause misunderstanding and even insult if you do not know the customs of this country.


Food can be a source of world-wide pleasureOr a huge disappointment depending on what you like and what you are used to in your home country. For example, in some countries, local cuisine includes a variety of seafood, the existence of which you might not even know. If you do not like fish, then this can cause permanent hunger. On the other hand, lovers of seafood such food will be to taste. Even if you like the cuisine in this country, sometimes you want to taste the taste of native food. However, not always and not always there is an opportunity to buy familiar products for cooking dishes of national cuisine.

Cost of living

Quite often people looking for opportunitiesCareer development abroad, move to large cities or megacities, where the financial and commercial life of the country is concentrated. As a rule, living in such cities is worth a lot of money. Therefore, after moving to Paris, Sydney or New York, very soon it turns out that the level of earnings does not provide an opportunity to purchase anything for the soul except the most necessary. On the other hand, living in a small city abroad, many could notice that they can afford more than it was in their home country.

Visa issues, permits, required for residence in the country, as well as medical conditions - moving to another country begins with serious paperwork.

Relationship with relatives

The distance these days has ceased to be soA big problem, as it was during the days of airmail and transoceanic passenger liners. Of course, now, when cheap communication on the Internet is available, it became easier to communicate with family and friends. A person now does not feel isolated abroad. And if there is a burning desire to visit the family, the tickets are available at any time and in any place and even on-line.

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