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What are the properties of sand

What are the properties of sand

Sand refers to natural materials.

There are various kinds it essentially being one and the same material, but with the difference that they have different properties that affect the application of sand.

The most expensive is a quartz sand,which can not be called a building material. He was not used in the production of concrete, do not use a mortar component, they do not fall asleep trench and leveled the ground.
Due to its existing functions, caused byhigh content of quartz, silica sand cost a pretty decent, so it is used in other areas of production. Silica sand is indispensable in the manufacture of glass, it is used as a bulk component sandblasting devices that emit a high pressure jet of sand that could be cleaned and polished solid materials.

Construction types of sand

Sand quarry called material produced insand pits, which does not pass a special treatment. However, if it passes the washing step, followed by purification, it is already called precoat sand having a property of mixed cement quality.

The most common are considered to be a river and sand quarry species. They are used in the construction industry.

The sand is quite actively used in road construction, as well as for filling the bottom of the constructed foundation.
This very broad scope of usedue to one of the special properties of this material - a porous sand. In a loose condition the material has a porosity of approximately forty-seven percent and the dense - only thirty-seven. This property is used in various systems engineering purposes.

transformation of sand property

Another specific feature of the sand is that this material is easily transformed from a loose state in a tight and vice versa.
This transformation can be observed inconnecting it with water or when subjected to vibration. In dense sand perfect stage sees large dynamic loads and depreciation quality material allow it to dissipate the stresses arising under the foundations.

Sand used for water treatment in the form of natural filtering element in engineering constructions.

The sand is also included in somecertain dyes, because it can be used to create original decorative effect. This feature is widely used by interior decorators or designers for arranging the most spectacular of the interior space.
It described the properties of sand allowed him to get so widespread in human life.

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