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How are the properties of sand


What are the properties of sand</a>

Sand refers to natural materials.

There are different types of it, essentially the same material, but with the difference that they have different properties that affect the use of sand.

The most expensive is quartz sand,Which can not be called a building material. It is not used in concrete production, is not used as a component of mortar, they do not fall asleep trenches and do not level the ground.
Because of his special properties caused byHigh quartz content, the cost of quartz sand is pretty decent, so it is used in other spheres of production. Quartz sand is indispensable in the manufacture of glass, it is used as a bulk component of sandblasting devices which, under great pressure, eject a jet of sand that is capable of cleaning, and also polishes hard materials.

Building types of sand

Career sand refers to the material produced inSand quarries, which does not undergo special treatment. However, if it passes the washing stage with subsequent purification, it is already referred to as wash-in sand, which has the property of being more qualitatively mixed with cement.

The most common are river and career types of sand. They are used in the construction industry.

Sand is quite actively used in road construction, as well as for backfilling the bottom of the foundations.
This very extensive scope of useIs due to one of the special properties of this material - the porous sand. In the friable state, this material has a porosity of about forty-seven percent, and in the dense-only thirty-seven. This property is used in various engineering systems.

The property of the transformation of sand

Another specific property of sand is that this material is easily transformed from friable to dense and vice versa.
Such a transformation can be observed whenConnecting it with water or when exposed to vibration. In a dense stage, sand perfectly perceives large dynamic loads, and the damping qualities of the material enable it to dissipate stresses that arise under the foundations.

Used sand for water treatment, in the form of a natural filtering element in engineering facilities.

Sand is also included in someCertain types of dyes, because with its help you can create an original decorative effect. This property is widely used by decorators or designers to arrange the most spectacular interior space.
It is the described properties of sand that allowed him to get such a wide distribution in human life.

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