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What are programs for video recording with sound

What are programs for video recording with sound

If you want to record video with sound, you will need a special program, which can impose a voiceover for the film background. They are many.

It is only necessary to choose the one that will suit your needs and taste, because the work program should be fun.

Program for creating movies

One of the most popular programs - applicationincluded in the Windows build - Windows Movie Maker. This program is very easy to use and allows you to add a photo project. Video files, music, doing voiceover background, cut along the length of the music video. In addition, in Windows Movie Maker has a number of useful features that facilitate the creation of a music video. One of them - the AutoMovie, for which it suffices to choose the most preferred style for the video and start the process of creating a video.
Windows Movie Maker supports five styles forYour music videos and sports news - reflect and move when used video transitions between clips with effects of reflection and is shifted turning the page and easy installation with cutting functions, allocation, frame. Also in the program there is a style to create an old movie.
Photo DVD Maker Professional - Another simple andquite interesting in the program. It allows you to add music to your project, choose the style of the menu, and directly record the finished movie to disc, or to view on removable media, phone, social networks on the Internet.

With Photo DVD Maker Professional you can create a music video of the photos and videos.

And that is not all

ProShow Producer Program is used frequently forcreating presentations, but it is also possible to create and record video with sound. Ready clip can be saved to disk, upload to social networks, make it executable movie, flash movie and much more.

To create a video with music also fit Sony Vegas Pinnakle Studio program. They are much more functional, but at the same time and difficult applications above.

Do not forget about the Nero program - one of thethe best packages for working with video. To create a movie from video and music, run the Nero Vision application, add a video project, music that can be cut, if necessary, apply captions, titles, special effects, for the big roller break the film into sections and start recording. Ready movie can be stored in a computer folder or burn directly to a disc.
The program VSO PhotoDVD can also quicklycreate video from photos and music. With the same objective copes very good app - "Photo Slideshow". But, unfortunately, add to them the video will not be possible, but the image - please.
To quickly create their own movieshome suitable Muvee Reveal - simple but very functional program that will do almost everything myself. The user is required to add videos, music, choose the style of the movie and wait for the process to complete.

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