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What kinds of printers

What kinds of printers

Despite the diversity of printing equipment on the market is difficult to choose, what kind of printer to purchase.

To do this is to deal with those, what are the printers.



Jet printer

Inkjet printer is the best choice forhome use, when you need to print a report of child documents to work, etc. For everyday use inkjet printers are not good, it is due to print technology. Inkjet printers use liquid ink, which are both black and color. The main problem when using them - the volume of the cartridge, which is enough for a maximum of printing 500 sheets of standard A4. Also dry the ink with a rare irregular use of certain models of inkjet printers. At best, the need to replace the cartridge, in the worst - the replacement of printing elements due to clogged nozzles printer ink thickened.

But, nevertheless, if the printer is purchased forhome use as a wand wand to perform the one-time household tasks, then an inkjet printer would be the best choice. The main producers are the companies: Hewlett Packard (HP), Canon, Samsung, Epson.


Laser printer

If the printer is used every day, putthe task of printing large volumes of documents, it is necessary to opt for a laser printer. Cartridges in such printers are not liquid, they are filled with special coloring particles, which fall when printing on a magnetized drum and then sprayed on the paper in the specified areas, according to the print job.

Some modern laser printersused coloring particles that already have magnetic properties, so the printing speed in such printers is much higher. One cartridge can last for thousands of pages of the press. The main producers of laser printers are Xerox, Hewlett Packard (HP), Samsung, Brother.


Matrix printer

This type of printer is the ancestorinkjet and laser. Now virtually matrix printers are not common. The basis of their work put impact printing method in which images and symbols appear on the page at the expense of hundreds of microscopic needles in the print head. They are in contact with the paper is discharged from the ends of the needles colorant.

Rare practical application of these printers due to their bulkiness, high noise levels and low productivity printing.


A particular kind of printers aremultifunctional device (MFP) that includes not only the printing device, but also to a copier scanner. MFPs are both laser and inkjet. They are now an increased demand due to its flexibility and wide range of applications.

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