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What are the popular cat names

What are the popular cat names

The name is important not only for humans but also for cats. On a properly chosen name, which like pet, he was happy to respond.

And for owners, it symbolizes the uniqueness of the animal and its character.

Choosing a name for a cat

Kitten goes sideways
It is believed that it is better if the cat's name isinclude hissing, because it is better beast catches the ear. In fact, the cat's ear catches sound much more than human. But the cat's tongue hissing and hissing sounds all represent a threat and a danger signal. Therefore, you may want to think more before you call the beast hissing name.
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Studies have shown that most clearly catsperceived to consonants and perhaps that is why at all times and in all languages ​​cats beckon "kitty" or something similar in sound. However, cats and well understood in the names differ containing neither a nor c.
But what is really good for cats, so it'sshort name. The fewer syllables in it, the faster the animal it is stored. Long beautiful names are good for a passport or a pedigree, but short - for easy everyday communication master and pet.

Popular names for cats

Probably the most familiar names are hearing Murka, Musya or Vaska. If you ask friends, you will find that almost the majority of these cats call it so.
Often, when choosing a home guided byIt behaves like a little kitten or what he looks like. So there are nicknames Sonia, Lump, Sandy, Fluffy, Snowball, imp and others. Indeed, the nature of the pet, his habits and appearance can help you make the right choice. Sometimes the owners, on the contrary, is called a kitten on the basis of which he clearly does not have. For example, a cat called Fluffy Sphynx breed.
There are simple nicknames, which are formed from human names: Basia, Kasia, Barsik, Masya, Darling, Boris and the like.
With the choice of name for a kitten is better not to delay, even if you find it difficult to decide. The sooner you begin to call on the name of the animal, the faster it will get used to it.

Complicated names

If the cat has a pedigree and lineage, itIt can not simply be called Muska. Firstly, aristocratic origin dictates the limits and rules, and secondly, often require that an animal nickname started with a particular letter, or even had a double. In this case, you can think of anything, and the cat house to call the abbreviated name.
However, some pet owners fanciful names even yard pets picked near the entrance. So, darling cat can have the full name of Dulcinea, and Kasia - Cassiopeia.

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