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As there are popular feline names


What are the popular feline names</a>

The name is important not only for the person, but also for the cat. On a properly chosen name, which the pet likes, he responds with pleasure.

And for the owners, it symbolizes the uniqueness of the animal and its character.

Choose a name for the cat

The kitten sideways
It is believed that it is better if the cat's name will beContain sibilant, because the animal catches them better by ear. In fact, the cat's ear catches far more sounds than the human. But in cat language, hissing and all hissing sounds mean a threat and a danger signal. Therefore, perhaps, it is worthwhile to ponder before calling the beast a hissing name.
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Studies have shown that the most clearly catsConsonants are perceived to and with, probably, that's why at all times and in all languages โ€‹โ€‹of cats are called "kis-kis" or something similar in sound. Nevertheless, cats understand perfectly and differ in names that do not contain either to, or to.
But what's really good for cats, so it'sshort name. The fewer syllables in it, the faster the animals remember it. Long beautiful names are good for a passport or a pedigree, but short ones are for easy everyday communication between the owner and the pet.

Popular names for cats

Probably the most familiar names are Murka, Musya or Vaska. If you ask friends, it will be found that almost all of them cats are called that way.
Often when choosing the owners are guided by the fact,How the little kitten behaves or how it looks. So there are the nicknames Sonia, Komok, Ryzhik, Fuzzy, Snowball, Little Devil and others. Indeed, the nature of the pet, its habits and appearance can help you decide the choice. Sometimes the owners, on the contrary, call a kitten on the basis of which it clearly does not possess. For example, call the Fur of the Sphynx cat.
There are simple nicknames that are formed from human names: Basya, Kasya, Barsik, Masya, Dusya, Boris and others like that.
With a choice of a name for a kitten it is better not to tighten, even if it's difficult for you to decide. The earlier you start to call the animal by name, the sooner it will get used to it.

Complex names

If the cat is thoroughbred and has a pedigree, then itsYou can not just call Muska. First, aristocratic origin dictates its limitations and rules, and secondly, it often requires that the name of the beast begin with a certain letter or even be double. In this case, you can think of anything, but call the cat's house a shortened name.
But some owners indulge in pretentious names of even the yard pets, selected near the entrance. So, the cat Dusya can have the full name of Dulcinea, and Kasia - Cassiopeia.

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