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What are the Orthodox holidays


Orthodox holidays are important for understanding the essence of Christianity.

They do not always focus on happy and joyful events, but always connected with the spiritual world of man.

An introduction to the Orthodox holidays helps a person to escape from earthly cares, closer to the higher spheres.

Christian holidays are devoted to the glorification of the most significant religious events, revered icons or honoring the Saints.

Easter - Holy Sunday

The main Orthodox holiday - Easter, BrightResurrection of Christ. This Easter is the main event just for Orthodox Christians, Catholics prefer Christmas. On the night of the Passover is not recommended to sleep so as not to wake the main events of the festival. In the evening, the Christians go to church for vespers, and on his return sit down at the table. Even the dead on Easter, considered lucky, since the gates of heaven on this day is open to all. Every Orthodox Christian in the Holy Sunday should welcome other words: "Christ is risen!", Receiving the answer: "Truly He is risen!"

Twelve Great feasts

After Easter in importance are the twelve great feasts. Their total of 12, hence the name, derived from the ancient Russian "Two on the tenth."
Christmas - the second highest amongOrthodox holidays, which is celebrated on the night of 6 to 7 January. On this night, in the Orthodox churches committed Christmas worship. Feast established in honor of the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ. In Russia, the celebration of Christmas was accompanied by a lot of folk customs, including caroling, posal, Christmas and the Christmas divination.
For Christmas, followed by other great dvunadesyatyeholidays: Epiphany, Candlemas, the Annunciation, Transfiguration, Assumption, Nativity of the Virgin, Exaltation of the Cross, Presentation of Mary, Entry into Jerusalem or Palm Sunday, Ascension, Pentecost.
Several Orthodox celebrations devoted to the apostles(Eg, Saints Peter and Paul), there are also festivals dedicated to the miraculous icon of Our Lady, and the patronal feast. Called patronal feasts dedicated to the saint or event, which was the name of the temple. In the old days feast day we were especially honored and observed by all the parishioners.
Orthodox holidays are one of thethe brightest and eventful pages of Russian spiritual culture. Their high sense enlightens and ennobles the soul of people, sometimes regardless of the degree of faith. In addition, they carry and educational function, acquainting people with the history of the Christian faith, the traditions of Russian Orthodoxy and folk customs.

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