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What are the mysteries about the family

What are the mysteries about the family

Mysteries about the family and its members - very interesting puzzles that can further consolidate your home for a common task.

In addition, they are ideal for small children, as the word "mom", "dad", "grandfather" and "grandmother" are usually the first ones to know the child and begins to speak.

The most popular of the seven mysteries about

"Who is not a joke, but seriously any right to teachhammer a nail into the wall? Who will teach us to be courageous? With large, for example, fall, and not start whining. And scratched his knee, not to roar? Of course, this is ... ". (Dad)
"It will move a heavy cabinet and plug all repaired. He will beat all the shelves and in the morning in the bathroom for shaving sings. He was in the car behind the wheel, and we'd go to the football tomorrow. Birthdays whom? Of course, my ...! ". (The Pope)
"He's so strong and brave, he's the biggest. Ruga - just in case, and praises us - with all my heart! He - our best friend who will always protect. Where necessary - to teach and forgive prank. I walked beside him, and his hand holding on! I imitate him, and they are always proud of! ". (Dad)

Riddles about mom and dad are usually very easy to guess - kids quickly find answers to them.

"Who are the kids most of all loves, who are often prigolubit who cares about us, not closing his eyes at night?" (Mama)
"Crib who shakes his who sings the song, who honors us stories and igrushechku give?" (Mama)
"If children are lazy, naughty, playful, that happens sometimes - who pours tears then? All it is, my dear ... ". (Mama)
"Who love warms and everything has time? Even to play a bit. Who always uteshet us all, and will wash and pricheshet? The kiss on the cheek - Smack! Here it is always like this, our dear ... "(Mommy)
"Who came to us in the morning and said,"Get up time!"? Kashka who Navariya us, well and poured tea into a bowl? Who braided pigtails us and the whole house swept one? Someone plucked flowers in the garden who kissed us all? Who loves kids laughter who in the world better than anyone? ". (Mama)

Other, less well-known riddle about family members

"Who we love is not tired, and bakes cakes for all? Who has the most delicious pancakes? This is our ... ". (Grandmother)
"I have our mother was not alone, she has another son. Next to him I do is too small, it is for me - Senior ... ". (Brother)
"He worked hard all his life not out of boredom. In his large calloused hands, but now he is old and ETS. He - my favorite and native ... ". (Grandfather)
"Who is with my father's sister comes to us at times? He at me with a smile, looking, "Hello!", - Says my ... ". (Uncle)

These puzzles will be able to unleash the kid, teach him more welcoming to people who are more distantly related.

"Well, without which the whole wide world can not live any adult or children? Who has always supported us, my friends? This is our friendly ... ". (A family)
"This is a magic word, and no one knows what the world will not exchange! By tsiferki "seven" I'd add. Then what happens? ... ". (A family)
"Who loves me the most, and brother, but also loves to dress up in the mirror? She - a very fashionable girl. She - my older ... ". (Sister)
"She - my mother's older sister, but seemingly not old. Smiling, she always asks, "How do you live?". And who are our guests here? ... ". (Aunt)

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