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As there are riddles about the letters of the alphabet


What are the riddles about the letters of the alphabet</a>

It is in the game form that it is easiest to teach a child to read and write, alphabet, and then reading.

Recognizing letters through small and simple rhymes will become much easier than standard memorization from "A" to "I".

You will be able to prepare a child for school and become a true friend for him in entertaining and cheerful games.

Interesting puzzles about the alphabet and vowel letters

Riddle of the letters: "Black and dexterous birds jump on every book page. They are silent and expect who will finally guess them "and" Letters - the same badges, stand as soldiers on the parade, in strict order they are built in a row. Each of them in an agreed place stands, and is called a formation ... ".
About the letter "A": "It is the very first and most important. This letter is the alphabet chapter. Aibolita, if you meet, then immediately say the right letter ... ".
About "E": "The raccoon chews, chews the raccoon, he chews the blackberries. And on the pink wall he paints a letter ... ".

About the letter "E": "You must know it, with two eyes it's a letter ...".

"And" in the dictionary: "This letter becomes a fish and dreams on the branches in frost sparkles. She flocks by a flock over the fire and lies on the bottom of the river. "
About the letter "O": "There are no sharp corners in it, and it would go away if a lot of Russian words were dispensed with without it."
The letter "Y" in the alphabet: "If we make the sponge very thin tube. The sound will then be pronounced and I will hear the letter ... ".

Riddles about consonant letters

About the letter "B": "All lambs know the second letter, only a little soften it. It is known to me and to you that this letter is the same ... ".
About "B": "And the wolf, and the wolf, and the she-wolf need a little bit to learn. They all do not know, and that's the trouble! With what letter do all their names begin? ".
About the letter "G": "If you lose it, the goose will stop cackling, the dog will not be able to bark. What kind of letter is it, and who will help us? ".
About "D": "The dolphin is our cheerful dolphin. He plays in the sea alone. And the other two dolphins in the water, playing, learn the letter ... ".
About the letter "F": "A whole tea it buzzes already on the flower letter ...".
About "Z": "This letter looks like ours, for example, the knight is disturbed. Though not to eat, but everything chews, the sparrows it bites. "
"K" in the dictionary: "A cat, a little cat, play with it a little. With a cat, you probably will not forget the letter ... ".
About the letter "L": "It is with the letter" I "that it happens. And our friends often croon ".
About "M": "This fact has long been known to everyone - any cow loves the letter ...".

"N" in the Russian alphabet: "P" in another letter can be quickly and easily turned. You just need to lower the crossbar a bit. "

About the letter "P": "With her, we are more cheerful! Well, how not to smile. We can hang on it, but also catch up. "
About "R": "She blushes in boiling water, she just does not know how to return. All grabs and takes, louder voice yells. "
About the letter "C": "Elephant on the prairie walked, with a long tail wagged. But then suddenly he took it and disappeared - it turned into a letter ... ".

"T" in the alphabet: "This letter on the antenna is similar. Well, an umbrella somehow, too. "

Guessing the child these simple and funny puzzles, you can teach him the whole alphabet and develop the necessary skills for elementary school.

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