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What are the mysteries about the letters of the alphabet

What are the mysteries about the letters of the alphabet

It is in the form of a game easier to teach a child to read and write the alphabet, and then reading.

Learning letters through small and simple poems will be much easier than learning the standard of "A" and to "Z".

You can prepare your child for school and become a true friend to him for entertaining and fun games.

Interesting puzzles about the alphabet and vowels

The mystery of the letters: "Black and agile birds are jumping on every page of the book. They are silent and wait, who they finally guesses "and" letters - the same icons are like soldiers on parade, in strict order they are built in a row. Each of them is in the appointed place, and the system is called - ... ".
About the letter "A": "It is the first and most important. This letter - alphabetical head. Dr. Dolittle will meet if, immediately tell the right letter ... ".
On "E", "Enotik chews, chews raccoon, blackberries he chews. And on the pink wall, he draws bukovku ... ".

About the letter "E": "Be sure you know her, with two eyes is the letter ...".

"I" in the dictionary: "This letter is a small fish wants to be on the branches and in the sparkling frost. Sweeps flock it over the fire, and lies at the bottom of the river. "
About the letter "O": "It has no sharp corners, and she would have rolled away, if the mass of Russian words to get along without her."
"U" letter in the alphabet: "If we make a very thin tube sponges. The sound is then said and I will answer the letter ... ".

Riddles of the consonants

About the letter "B", "All lambs second letter knows only slightly soften it. It is known to me and to you that this letter - the same ... ".
On the "B": "And the wolf, and the wolf, and the wolf have to brush up quite a bit. They did not know, and that's the trouble! What the letters begin all their names? ".
On the letter "G": "If you lose it, goose cackle stop, barking dog can not. What is this letter, and who will help us? ".
On "D", "Dolphin - is our cheerful dolphin. He plays in the sea one. And the other two dolphin in the water playing, learn the letter ... ".
About the letter "F", "A tea is already buzzing floret letter ...".
About "W": "This letter reflects our view of, for example, prevents a knight playing. Though not there, but chewing, biting her sparrow. "
"K" in the dictionary: "A cat, small cat, play with it a little bit. With a cat you certainly will not forget the letter ... ".
About the letter "L": "It is she, along with the letter" I "notoyu happens. And its our friends often sings. "
On the "M": "This fact has long been known to all - each cow loves the letter ...".

"H" in the Russian alphabet "P" in another letter can be quickly and easily converted. Just perekladinku little need to drop down. "

About the letter "P", "From all of us it fun! Well, how not to smile. Can hang on it, but also to catch up. "
About "R": "It is red in boiling water, just not able to return. All grabs and takes louder voices yelling. "
About the letter "C", "elephant walked across the prairie, long tail wagged. But then he suddenly he disappeared - has become a letter ... ".

"T" in the alphabet: "This letter is similar to antenku. Oh and umbrella once, too. "

Zagadyvaya child these unpretentious and fun puzzles, you can teach him the entire alphabet and develop as necessary for elementary school skills.

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