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What are the mysteries about the trees

What are the mysteries about the trees

Mysteries about the forest, and some types of trees are a wonderful way to teach children interesting world of nature. So will train wit, resourcefulness, develop horizons.

Puzzles are not only interesting, but also to train the memory of the baby.

The most famous mysteries about usual for Russians trees

Birch is the answer to the following puzzles:
- Russian beauty is a broad meadow, wearing a beautiful blouse and white sarafane-
- Belostvolnye beautiful row stood at the tracks, descend down branches and twigs to rattle serezhki-
- Her sticky buds and green leaves, it is - with the white bark and is under the mountain.
Riddle with a simple answer, "tree": "It was in the spring and summer we have seen a complete fully clothed, and in the fall with our poor things were all torn shirt." And otgadka "forest": "House is open on all sides and a carved roof coating. Come to the green house, you will see many miracles in it. "
On the strong and mighty oaks:
- It is not even a mystery, just call if someone just says "there are acorns on it" -
- In the smooth bronze-colored boxes hidden little oaks from next summer.

Other mysteries of the plant world

About Willow: "White sheep run up and down the candle."
On the tree: "Well, what kind of girl. It is not a seamstress and craftswoman, though she did not sew anything, and in the needles is all year round. "

On the willow "curls it into the river down and somehow sad. But what she is sad? No one speaks. "

About linden: "From my flower flying bee takes a delicious honey. But I was not offended, peel thin skinned. "
About larch: "have relatives trees thornless prickly needles. But, unlike the tree, all the needles fall off. "
About hazel: "He is a very densely-growing densely and quietly as flowers, but when summer comes, we eat it with candy. Not a piece of paper, but in a nutshell. We need to take care of children's teeth! ".
On aspen: "All is calm, the wind stopped, and all the trees are silent. No, not yet - these leaves rustle softly. "

About forest stump: "Completed evil share. It was a tree once, and now only a round table, and do not live it mushrooms. "

On mountain ash, "they are small and clumsy and modestly modestly green. But in the fall of leaves and berries - blush ".
The high pine: "We know that the tree is not the leaves and needles. But just as it, with needles ... ".
Interesting puzzles for kids of obnoxious Poplars:
- The trees suddenly snowflakes fluttered in early summer, but it pleases us, we are of this chihaem-
- Whether the roof, whether from the sky, it's wool or down, maybe snow flakes appeared suddenly in the summer?
On the eucalyptus: "There are many meters of height and climb on it is not easy! He has only one concern - the draining of swamp forest deep. "
These puzzles - just a few of the ones that invented people. Guessing to their children, and they grow up knowledgeable and inquisitive.

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