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As there are riddles about trees


What are the riddles about trees</a>

Mysteries about the forest and certain types of trees are an excellent way of teaching children the most interesting natural world. Thus they will train savvy, resourcefulness, the outlook will develop.

Riddles are not only interesting, but they also train the child's memory.

The most famous riddles about the trees familiar to Russians

Birch is the answer to the following puzzles:
- Russian beauty stands on a wide glade, dressed in a beautiful blouse and white sarafan-
- the white-barreled beauties stood up by the side of the path, the branches drop downwards, and the ear-
- she has sticky buds and green leaves, she - with a white bark and stands under the mountain.
The riddle with the simple answer "tree": "It was in spring and summer that we saw him fully full-dressed, and in the autumn all our shirts were torn off our poor fellow." And with the answer "forest": "The house is open on all sides and the carved roof of the roofs. Come with a green house, you will see many miracles in it. "
About strong and mighty oaks:
- this is not even a mystery, we will immediately call it, if someone only says "acorns are on it"
- in this smooth box of bronze color hid little oaks from next summer.

Other riddles from the world of plants

About the willow: "White sheep run up and down the candle."
About the tree: "Well, what kind of a damsel is this?" She is not a seamstress or a craftsman, she does not sew anything herself, but she is in need of needles all year round. "

About willow: "She put her curls in the river and for some reason she was sad. But what is she sad about? He does not tell anyone. "

On the linden: "From my flower takes a flying bee delicious honey. But it does not offend me, it strips thin skin. "
About the larch: "There is a relative of a spiny Christmas tree with non-needle needles. But, unlike the Christmas tree, all the needles fall off. "
About hazel: "It grows very thickly and densely so blossoms, but when summer comes, we eat sweets from it. Not in a piece of paper, but in a shell. Children need to take care of their teeth! ".
About the aspen: "Everything is calm, the wind has stopped, and the trees are silent. No, not yet - these leaves quietly rustle. "

About the forest stump: "The evil share has come to an end. There was a tree once, and now it's only a round table, and it's not myma's. "

On the mountain ash: "They are small and unpretentious and modestly modestly green. But in the autumn their leaves and berries blush. "
About the high pine: "We know that the tree does not have leaves, but needles. But also, like her, with needles ... ".
Interesting for kids riddles about unbearable poplars:
- on the trees in the early summer suddenly snowflakes turn up, but it does not please us, we sneeze from it,
- whether from the roof, or from the sky, it is cotton wool or fluff, maybe the snow flakes appeared in the summer suddenly?
About the eucalyptus: "There are many meters of growth in it and it's not easy to climb it! He has only one concern - draining a deep forest swamp. "
These puzzles are just a few of those invented by people. Guess them to your children, and they will grow up knowing and inquisitive.

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