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What are the riddles about animals

What are the riddles about animals

Puzzles about animals and about - a great way to teach children something new and interesting.

Taking part in the gameplay, the child can develop new skills and learn many interesting facts from the animal world, not bored with it.

Parents just have to learn a few dozen of these puzzles, which will join their children in an entertaining gameplay.

Riddles about beavers, squirrels and lambs

It is unclear why, but mysteries about these animals are the most common and well-known.
For example, it zagadyvaya "beaver", you can tell a child the following puzzles:
"There is a river diligent workers, but they - no joiners and carpenters, and how to build a dam - the artist can write a picture."
"Small, but very hard-working animals that build the house in the middle of the river. If the guests who are - you know, the house from the river only have progress. "
"There are on the rivers loggers, dressed in silver-white fur. They come from trees, branches or clay build a very strong dam. "
On the small proteins, the following riddle:
"I go to a fluffy coat and live in dense forest - in the hollow of an old sturdy oak. And I gnaw nuts ".
"Jumps from branch to branch, fast, straight ball, he rides through the woods, red circus. Here on the fly, he ate with cone plucked, then he jumped on the trunk and ran into the hollow. "
"Who's on elkam so deftly jumps and soars to the high oak? Who hides in the hollow of nuts and dry for the long winter mushrooms. "
"According to the trees she gallop gallop yes and nuts with a Click Click yes."
"This animal is easily we learn with you for two simple signs: he wears a greyish fur coat in the winter and in the red coat - in the summer."
"Who's that with the high dark pine trees in the lump we scored? And then in the bushes right through the stump he flashed like a light? ".
Funny children's puzzles about lambs and rams:
"This is plaited and thick grass and meadows zakudryavilis, but I did all the terrible and have curly curl horns."
"Very, very curly it, including bright - giant. As his name "(answer - Sheep?).

Other interesting puzzles educational ingenuity in children

On the African hippopotamus: "He has - a huge mouth, we call it ...."

Several mysteries about the camel:
"I wear I have two humps and two stomach. My every hump - not hump the barn! Food they have eight days. "
"I - humped beast like me and almost all the guys."
About Grey Wolf: "In a large shepherd he is like that of any teeth in it - then a sharp knife! When it is running, showing his fall, a sheep ready to attack. "

About Porcupine: "Little hedgehog grew sevenfold, and that turned out ...".

Rebus about hedgehogs:
"From the needles made bun. And who is curled up in a ball? Do not understand - where the tail is, and where the spout. He is on the back of products. In general, just do not understand - who is this, if you do not .... "
"This needle pins so get out from under the bench. In you they look, they want milk. "
"Lying between trees pad full of needles. Quietly lying so, then suddenly I ran away. "
"He is touchy and covered in thorns. He lives in a burrow under the tree. Although the wide open doors, it has not often go to the beasts. "
About high giraffe:
"Learn it so easy to learn - very easy. High growth and he looks away. "
"What kind of animal is very beautiful and at the same time is the highest, the longest?".
"He goes, with his head, not because it is an important count, not because proud temper. All because he ... ".
List all the riddles about animals - it is very difficult, and unlikely to succeed. But to learn and to practice can be a great many, if desired.

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