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What are the most popular quotes about cats

What are the most popular quotes about cats

There is not, perhaps, a man who would not sympathize with these amazing animals.

What is the secret of their charm unknown.

It is known only that the statement of the famous Mark Twain "If a person crossed with the cat it would improve man would, but worsened the cat" - is absolutely true.

angora cat

These graceful animals originate from TurkeyProvince Ankara (Angora), from where they were brought to America eastern merchants. Although some sources say that the first of these cats tamed nomadic Tartars. This is a beautiful breed with a gorgeous fluffy coat, intelligent expression muzzles and long, graceful body. The first Angora cats were exceptionally pure white color, but the eyes could be copper, blue, amber, green, and even the different! One eye coppery amber, the second - the blue. That's really really about them wrote Theophile Gautier, French poet: "Who can believe that in the depths of the shining eye lurks the soul!".

Siamese shorthair

The elegant "Siamese" - one of the most belovedcat breeds. They are easily distinguished by long paws, flexible body, large ears, a dark color of hair on legs, muzzle, ears and tail, almond-shaped eyes and a loud voice. They are very active, very smart, very curious and need to be addressed urgently host "Cats have much to say, but very little of it will compliment" -. Rightly observed children English writer Michael Rosen. Over the centuries, the close proximity to a person Siamese cats have become incredibly sociable and take active action in all family matters.

British Shorthair

Amazing silver-spotted coloring thisBreed was one of the first in British Shorthair cats. Fairly large, muscular cat with a massive neck and large round cheeks. That this breed was famous Cheshire cat, who could smile charmingly Alice in Wonderland. Calm character, ingenuity, love of children makes it an ideal pet to stay in any family. "Cats - such good druzya- they do not ask questions and express their critical opinion" - that's what George Eliot said.
There are so many and they are all adorable. They do what they want, they walk on their own, they love us. "Cats do not need our flattery. They know that they are beautiful and aristocratic, they are gifted dancers, great players, talented singers and incomparable acrobats. We can talk about our cats all you want, but they will only do what they do because they are self-sufficient, and they do not care whether they cater to your boss or not "- Michael Rosen, a British writer.

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