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WHAT pets most popular

What are the most popular pets

Adopt a pet - a serious step, which must be carefully considered.

Pet requires a lot of attention, care, patience, and financial investments.

However, modern people are more eager to touch nature, so pets are filled with both homes and small apartment.

Standard selection

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"Profile" magazine in conjunction with an Internet resourceSpiegelOnline compiled a list of the most popular animals that live in the homes of Russian inhabitants. The first place was taken by a cat who received 70% of votes. The home team argued their choice of content simple, unpretentious food and unnecessary walking.
Almost 40% of people prefer to keep their dogs at home. The losers are the cats, because It requires much more attention and care. With a dog you must not only walk, but also to communicate, play, pay attention to it. Also, depending on the breed, the dog should be subjected to great physical stress and training, which do not always have the time and money.

Cats and dogs - an absolute leader among the most popular pets. Data beasts safely be called "traditional" because their home content has been practiced for many centuries.

In third and fourth places in the rankinghoused poultry and fish (by 9.2%). The first call to him a little attention, almost sick. The main thing - to provide a bird cage clean. Fish create a more whimsical. Themselves (except for exotic species) they are cheap, but their maintenance costs "a lot of money." The most expensive items are the aquarium filtration system and a variety of fillers.
Fifth place among the most popular animalsWe took the hamsters. Little fluffy creation of a joy to 2.5% of the population. They are convenient, take up little space (exactly the size of its cells), and for them it is very interesting to watch. Hamsters often give birth to people with children, to teach a child to cleanliness and neatness.

World exotica

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However, not everyone is willing to stop at the "standard" package. Today in the world there is a real boom in the most unusual exotic animals, which people solved comprise at home.
The leader of this trend are todayiguanas. Large reptiles look impressive, inspire respect and some fear. However, they are much safer than crocodiles. Wanting to get the iguana, reptiles, carefully read the content of the rules. Also be prepared to invest a lot of money into it.

Unfortunately, many iguanas do not last long. The reason for that - carelessness and laziness of their owners, who do not try to understand the animal and study its nature. With the right content, the reptile will delight you for years to come.

Second place among the popular homeexotic animals occupy a snake. Some stop at the simple, non-poisonous species. But fans of extreme sports resolved on dangerous experiments, and the plant is not cute snakes and cobras, and even spectacular massive pythons. Keep these animals can not afford one: they require special conditions and nutrition.
The huge popularity of mini-piggies are occupyingthird place. Little pigs look sweetly, able to live in the apartment, quickly trained teams and follow the rules. pigs advantage in their long life: about 30 years with proper care.

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