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What are the most loyal partners in the horoscope

What are the most loyal partners in the horoscope

Men in the majority - beingfickle. They can be worn on the hands of his chosen one, promise her the stars from the sky and showered with all sorts of compliments, and the next day start to stare at another woman.

How can you determine the degree of loyalty to the man?

This can help an ordinary horoscope.

The most faithful Zodiac Signs

Love Aries does not allow even the thought of treasonhis favorite - he will be faithful as long as it does not grow cold feeling or a woman ceases to interest him. Since deceive Aries considers it beneath his dignity, of treason, he tells himself.
Do not chase fame Casanova and calves - butthey are for a long time choosing a mate, and not in a hurry with a choice of unique and unique. But the Taurus, who found the woman he loves will be faithful to her, since this sign does not like change, and believes his mate a significant part of their lives.
Also renowned for their constancy of the Virgin, whichvirtually no risk of them expensive relationship for the sake of a fleeting affair. However, if a man Virgo still dare to commit adultery, his woman is unlikely to know about it from him, because Virgin distinguished great care and skill to keep his mouth shut.

Stars do not always decide which of the signs of the zodiac is true and who is not - it happens that even the most non-permanent signs of their true love for life - and vice versa.

Constant partners are considered and Lions whoworship treachery unworthy occupation. In addition, having an affair on the side perceived the regal Lion as a recognition of his mistake in choosing a life partner.

Most false signs of the zodiac

Gemini can easily change itspartner, while not even trying to hide the very fact of his partner walking on the side. They do not know how to deceive and treachery can easily choose the one who is well aware of their half, because of conscience Gemini problems hardly arise.
Known for its restless inconstancySagittarius, which is constantly tormented by thirst for romantic adventures. The main reason for them to change is the ease and immediacy of nature Streltsov - they do not accept adultery as something bad.

Women for incorrect signs of the zodiac - is, first of all, the top of which you need to win and go home or for new experiences.

Not differ loyalty and Aquarius - theirindependence and unpredictability often pushes this sign of rapprochement with another woman. Aquarians need variety, so his partner often very different from each other. If the partner of Aquarius will always suspect him of treason, even in the absence of such, sooner or later, Aquarius embody these suspicions into reality.

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