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WHAT holy days the most important

The most important religious holidays are celebrated with particular splendor

Among the many festivals celebrated by the Orthodox Church, there are great. They are marked by believers especially solemn and wide.

The main Christian holiday is Easter, and 12 are the most important feasts.

Rollovers Twelve Great Feasts

Holidays Holidays are called the faithful ChristiansEaster. At the heart of this major religious holidays is the legend of the miraculous resurrection of Jesus Christ on the cross by the verdict of the Jewish court, the Sanhedrin. The idea of ​​resurrection is central to Christianity, so the holiday in honor of this event has a special role.
It marked the first Christian EasterSunday after the vernal equinox and the full moon on the condition that it should never be the same as the Jewish. Thus, Easter is a "nomadic" celebration every year falls on a different date.
By Easter tied 3 other important great feast - Entrance of the Lord into Jerusalem, Ascension and Pentecost.
Entrance of the Lord into Jerusalem is also called PalmSunday, it is celebrated on the last Sunday before Easter. At the heart of this holiday is the evangelical legend about how before his martyr's death and resurrection, Jesus Christ arrived in Jerusalem, where the people greet him, threw on the road in front of Jesus with palm branches.
At 40 days after Easter is celebrated Ascension. Its basis is an evangelical legend of the ascension of Jesus into heaven in the presence of his disciples.

In Russia Trinity merged with the Slavic holiday Semik dedicated to the spirits of vegetation. It went to the custom of decorating the Trinity House greenery and birch drive around dance.

The feast of the Holy Trinity is based on the story of theThe descent of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles 50 days after Easter. This event was the Orthodox Church attaches great importance to and interprets it as a covenant of Jesus carry the message of Christianity to all the nations.

Which do not go twelve great feasts

According to the object of praise Orthodox holidaysdivided into the Lord (associated with Jesus Christ) and the Theotokos (dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary), and the Christian Church celebrates the feast in honor of the saints.

Total no passing, and assigned tospecific dates, feasts 9. These include Christmas, which is celebrated by the Orthodox Church 7 of January Epiphany, a celebration which falls on 19 January-15 February marked Sretenie- 7 April - 19 August Blagoveschenie- celebrated Transfiguration Gospodne- August 28 - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, and on September 21 - Our Lady's Christmas falls on September 27 Exaltation of the Cross, and on 4 December - Entrance of the Theotokos.

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