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HowIs the most effective pills on temperature


What are the most effective tablets on temperature</a>

The increase in body temperature occurs with infectious and inflammatory diseases, overheating, trauma and some other health disorders.

Most often, heat is accompanied by muscle pain and seriously worsens well-being.

Temperature can be brought to normal with the help of antipyretic tablets.

Varieties of medicines from temperature

Most antipyretic tablets refer toGroup of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. They not only lower the body temperature, but also have an analgesic effect, and also help to fight inflammatory processes in the body.

Tablets from temperature, like any otherMedicines, may cause side effects or not to approach due to individual intolerance. That is why the choice of antipyretic drugs is better to entrust to the doctor.

One of the most popular and time-testedFunds from the temperature are aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid), analgin and paracetamol, but they are not always able to cope with a strong fever in bacterial infections, during the postoperative period and in other difficult cases. That is why they are often combined with each other, as well as with preparations of other medicinal groups, for example, with antispasmodics. So, on the basis of the listed funds, such drugs as Citramon, Spazmalgon, Baralgin, etc. were created.
Preparations based on ibuprofen (Nurofen,"Ibufen", etc.) and nimesulid (Nimulid, Naise, etc.) are more effective and are used to lower temperature in cases when paracetamol, analgin and acetylsalicylic acid do not have the proper effect. However, they have a large number of side effects, and therefore should not be used as first-choice drugs without prescribing a doctor.
Also to combat heat, you can use"Diclofenac", "Piroxicam" and their analogues, but they should be used only if in addition to the temperature there are severe joint pains that can not be eliminated with the help of other medications.

In each specific case, the efficiencyAntipyretics is very different. So, in case of a viral infection, it is better to knock down the temperature with paracetamol or aspirin, and with bacterial infection? Ibuprofen or nimesulide.

How to choose antipyretic tablets

Choosing antipyretic tablets, it follows in the firstTurn on the appointment of a doctor, diagnosis, age and weight of the patient, as well as the history of his illness. So, in the presence of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys, it is necessary to take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs with great care and only if it is not possible to bring down the temperature with non-medicamentous agents.
In pediatrics, in most cases, only preparations based on paracetamol and ibuprofen are used, since other drugs can cause serious complications or seriously worsen the child's well-being.

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