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What are the main forms of ownership

What are the main forms of ownership

The property can be considered from a legal and economic position.

The main forms of ownership vary depending on who is the owner of the property.

Classification of property types

In its most general form it has identified two main types of property - private and public. In a market economy determines the value belongs to a private property.
In world practice, referred to as the three main forms of ownership.
The unit - in this case all the relationshipsProperty sold natural or legal person. An example may serve private doctors, farmers, lawyers. This property can also be represented by a single person who uses hired labor.
Affiliate - involves pooling asproperty and capital of a number of individuals or companies to engage in joint business activities, these are businesses that are based on the mutual contributions.
Corporate - based on the functioning ofcapital market, generated by the sale of the stock exchanges. Each owner is the owner of shares of the capital. When the co-operative ownership, each involved labor and property, but has equivalent rights in the management and distribution of profits.

According to the Russian Constitution (art. 8) in the Russian Federation "recognized and protected equally private, state, municipal and other forms of property."

Public ownership is also not uniform in its include collective, state and national property.
Collective property is formed by distributing it among the employees (eg, PLC).
State ownership, although aformally the property of all members of society, but it disposes of the state apparatus. In an ideal model, it is intended to embody the public interest of all sections of the population and be guided by them in their activities.
Public property belongsnational property directly, at the same time each and all at once. The peculiarity of public property - a collegial management, where all members of the organization participate in decision-making.
Quite often, in a market economymix of different forms of ownership. For example, business organizations (- MUPy in Russia) may appear in the ranks of the state property.
You may also receive the combined ownership. For example, joint ventures, holdings, financial-industrial groups, concerns.

Forms of ownership in Russia

State ownership in Russiaclassified on the basis of its federal structure. There are federal, regional (property of the RF subjects) and municipal (local) property. The federal property consists of including critical facilities - defense and strategic stockpiles, weapons and so on.

The Russian right property includes the right of ownership, use and disposal.

Private property in Russia is mainly represented in the following forms - SP, LLC, JSC and JSC.
By forms of public ownership in the Russian Federation include the parties, NGOs and community organizations, church.

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