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What are the magic words

What are the magic words

Have you ever heard her mother's words, addressed to a disobedient child: "damn you", "I hope you died / sour / failed!", Etc. with different variations?

Oddly enough, usually people sincerely believe that"No harm meant," and 10-15 years later as sincerely do not understand why their child becomes an inveterate drunkard, becomes a drug addict, suffering from depression, is thrown from the balcony.

"Black Magic" words

Marvel has absolutely nothing: the grown man merely obediently fulfills mother's indication - die / turn sour / fail, and his "tear up" those "devils." Of course, these words thoughtlessly abandoned, no one remembers and does not give them value, but the program that is running as a child to work. In psychology, this process is called - negative program or a negative scenario. Magee is a phenomenon called the curse, and alcoholism, drug addiction and mental disorders account for the influence of the "demons".
Most people have a so-called externallocus of control, i.e. tend to look for the cause of all the ills in the external circumstances, such as the actions of other people, "demons", the weather, the government or anything else. Therefore, millions of sad stories tell of how inconsolable mother / wife for years unsuccessfully struggling with the problem of a loved one: shed tears, scandals, encode, go to the "grandmother", put candles in front of icons, etc., etc. Instead, often the best cure for the disease could be the magic word "forgive" the man said, "didst send a curse." And if we add to the apology sincere wish of good, "magical effect" may be much more.
But, of course, it is not so simple as we would likewould. No magic in the words spoken formally, will not. In this case, the words have acquired magical powers of healing, awareness must be the source of the problem by the suffering and sincere confession and repentance on the part affixed a negative program. And if consciousness dependent on the root causes of the problem requires long-term work with a psychologist, for the admission of guilt by his relatives they need to do a titanic work on themselves to resolve their own defense mechanisms, which vied with each other shouting, "It was not!" "I never wanted to harm his baby! "," I am a good mother, "" This is nonsense, this can not be! "," You're all wrong! "and so on.

Interestingly, the word "abuse" comes from the Old Church "harrow", which means "struggle" and "abuse" in the Old Slavonic meant "a mockery."

Do not think that only the directevil desire can lead to negative consequences. When one person calls another by any definition in the form of "You're a bad / stupid / slut / muddle", this formula does not just encourage the behavior in a given way, but becomes a proper name for a person, "betrothed" in this way, and by own behalf, it is almost impossible to get rid of. Fortunately, there is a downside: if the name becomes "beautiful", "clever", "mistress" and so on, it will create a positive program, but still external, artificial program, and this is a limitation of the scope of the person specified . Consider whether such programs by magic? Certainly. Another question - whether it is good magic?

good magic

In order not to face destructivethe consequences of their own hasty words, people long ago invented a religious and ethical norms. Long before the Apostle John, who proclaimed, "In the beginning was the word" Indian sages developed raja yoga, the first two stages which involve the practice of cleanliness of thoughts and words of purity. And for people who are not too burdened with spiritual practices, there is a common courtesy - for thousands of years proven communion ritual, implying, including recitation of "magic words" that explicitly or implicitly are positive suggestions interlocutor.

The word "civility" comes from the ancient Russian "Tower", which means knowing knowledgeable. Hence - the direct link between knowledge and blagozhelaniem.

So, a simple greeting "hello"encompasses wish zdorovya- "thank you" (from "God Save") - it is like an appeal to God asking for salvation blagodarimogo soul, and "thank you" already means that he thanking least mentally intends to provide feedback blagodarimomu "courtesy "(" give "something good, to show" love "). A "please" - is requesting "Welcome" something, ie, "to bestow", "award"...
Well, all the words in all the languages ​​that are a part ofthe word "God", have extremely positive sense. Here and Russian "rich", "athlete", "poor", and the Polish zbo? E (meaning "bread grain"), and the Czech zbo? I ( «state"), and ancient Indian bhagas ( «Heritage», «Happiness "), and even Avestian ba? a (« lord ") and many other examples.

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