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What are the languages ​​of international communication

Foreign languages ​​- path to understanding

Language is the main tool for gaining understanding among people around the world. There are not so many languages ​​that are considered international.

First of all, they are the languages ​​in which the greatest number of people talking.

Many of them are also the official UN languages.

The languages ​​of international communication are thosethe languages ​​in which communicates the highest number of people around the world. In addition, you can call the official UN languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, French and Russian.
There have been attempts to create artificial languages ​​forinternational communication. The most common of these was Esperanto, though he failed to fully meet the expectations of its founder - Dr. Ludwig Zamenhof of Warsaw.

The official languages ​​of the UN

To date, the international language№1 communication is considered to be English. It is native for 410 million people in the world. In addition, up to one billion people are learning it as a foreign language.
In second place was the Chinese in recent years. As it uses the native people, and 845 million to 500 million speak it as a foreign language. In our country, the Chinese language is becoming more and more popular.
Over the centuries, does not lose itsinternational status of the Spanish language. It is spoken by 400 million inhabitants of Spain and many Latin American countries. As a foreign Spanish studies up to 80 million people.
Honorary fourth place among the internationalRussian language belongs. It is native for 170 million people. As a second language it uses up to 125 million people, mainly - residents of former Soviet republics and socialist countries.
For the 240 million people native language is Arabic, yet up to 40 million study it as a foreign language.
In French says 80 million people onplanet, including not only the French, but also citizens of Belgium, France and Switzerland. As a second language it uses up to 120 million. In addition, the French, along with Italian, is considered the international language of art.

Other languages ​​of international communication

In addition to the official languages ​​of the United Nations, amongInternational include Portuguese and German. Portuguese is native for 178 million people. Millionov 10 before using it as the second. In German they say 98 million people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Another 20 million people are learning it as a foreign language. In addition, German is considered to be an international technical language.
However, the status of an international language of communication is not a constant. With some languages ​​over time lose it, while others - gain.

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