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What are the kinds of bob haircuts

What are the kinds of bob haircuts

Haircut "Bob" has not lost its relevance for about a hundred years. During this time, the barbers were added to its execution technique different nuances, accents complementing the original bean.

As a result, the modern bob is a stylish feminine haircut, looking your best with the minimum spent on laying efforts.

Traditional types of bean

At the peak of popularity today is a haircutbob-bob, because it combines all the best qualities and bean, and quads. For smooth straight hair is ideal strict hairstyle straight with sharp edges and without steps. This type of hairstyle looks very elegant, but it is not for everyone. Multi-layered bob (ladder or cascade) allows you to create many beautiful hairstyles and is an excellent solution for fine hair - enough to make a ragged edge, and hair will become light and splendor.

Owners of a round face is better to give preference to bob with long hair from the chin to the shoulders.

Mowing-bob with bangs looks excellent withstraight, oblique, short or long bangs option. If the haircut is supposed straight bangs should be smooth and with smooth edges, while the disheveled bob with strands of different lengths perfectly complement the speed, or torn oblique fringe. Another popular form of this haircut is a long hairstyle in which the locks length reaches his shoulders. This hairstyle is very feminine and looks good both on the smooth straight hair and haircuts on the step.

Unconventional types of bean

Less usual types of hairstyles areasymmetrical, elongated bean, as well as the A-bob, bob-bob-fungus and squares with lengthening. Asymmetric type of hairstyles in vogue not long ago, but quickly won the hearts of extravagant fashionistas for its originality and the ability to hide the imperfections of the devil. Curls of different lengths refresh the image and make it more playful. The haircut "A bean" oblique bangs length equal to the length of the front strands - falling on the face, such fringe hides kruglolitsest or too wide cheekbones.

Owners of an elongated face visually soften features help Bob, whose length starting from the chin and above.

Bob fungus is a milder form of thishaircuts because his fringe smooth transition to the flat front strands, making a slightly rounded head, thus harmonizing the features of the face is too long. The elongated bean - the ideal solution for those who do not want to give up long curls to create a stylish haircut and bob bob with elongation is an original haircut, in which the neck is short cut out, and the front strands remain long. This gives a stunning double-effect combination of long curls soft and defenseless open neck.

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