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How the hair was worn by the ancient Indians


What hairstyles were worn by the ancient Indians</a>

From the ancient times, American Indians were distinguished by their distinctive culture.

The traditions and customs of the tribes were passed on from generation to generation, almost unchanged for centuries.

A characteristic difference between the Indians and representatives of other nationalities of the planet were their hairstyles, which were distinguished by their vivid originality and abundance of forms.

Hairstyles of South American Indians

Indians of the tribes inhabiting South America beforeAppearance of Europeans, preferred to wear hairstyles reminiscent of a European haircut "under the pot." It was quite easy to make such a work of hairdresser's art. For this purpose, we used a suitable vessel and a tool remotely resembling modern scissors.

If a special cutting deviceThe hand did not turn out, the Indians used other improvised means. A small torch was in motion. The master, who performed the "haircut", blew through the torch on the hair of the "client" bordered by the vessel. At the same time, a kind of fire jet appeared, which slightly burned the hair. The assistant at that time, a wet rag made of palm leaves, diligently moistened the firing places.

The hair, processed in a "fire" way, was then smeared with aromatic compounds.

Indians of North America: hairstyle for a real warrior

Representatives of ancient Indian tribes,People inhabiting North America, differed by a greater variety of hairstyles. Often the long hair was simply loosened on the shoulders. In the hairstyles of men and women were present bangs, plaits made of temporal strands, as well as pigtails. Hair was often stained with the juice of leaves, herbs and fruits, and then decorated with ribbons, flowers and feathers.

As a rule, the hairstyle was a symbol of belonging to a particular genus or tribe.

Known for adventure novels and filmsIroquois usually shaved most of the head, leaving only a kind of "comb" in its middle part. This kind of garb for denseness was mixed with feathers or animal hair. Women of the Iroquois tribe wore braids or collected hair in a knot.

In some tribes, the warriors were shaved on the headAlmost all the hair, leaving only the so-called "scalp strand." This hairstyle made it easier for the enemy to remove the scalp from the defeated Indian. The Indians not only considered death in battle an honor, but also took care of their enemy in some way, leaving behind him the right to get a deserved trophy in the form of a scalp without unnecessary worries.

Indian hairstyle as a status indicator

Many Indian tribes had a hairstyleThe indicator of their status in the group. Leaders and military leaders of the Indians abundantly decorated their hair, most often using feathers for these purposes. By the color, shape and splendor of the sultan of feathers, one could judge the place that the Indian occupied in his tribe.

Simple warriors and hunters could afford only individual feathers, which were woven into pigtails.

A completely shaved head among a number of tribes was consideredA symbol of indelible disgrace. Brili naked usually slaves, criminals or divorced wives. For this reason, everyone who was once completely shaved, until the end of days was considered a slave and occupied the lowest level in the social hierarchy.

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