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What are the hairstyles worn by ancient Indians

What are the hairstyles worn by ancient Indians

American Indians since ancient times differed unique culture.

The traditions and customs of tribes passed down from generation to generation, almost without change over the centuries.

A characteristic feature of the Indians from the representatives of other nations of the planet were their hairstyles are colorful originality and abundance of forms.

Hairstyles South American Indians

Indians tribes that inhabited South America tothe Europeans preferred to wear a hairstyle reminiscent of a European cut "under the pot." Make such a work of hairdresser's art can be quite simple. For this purpose, we use the appropriate size of the vessel and the tool that looks vaguely reminiscent of modern scissors.

If a special cutting device forhand is not proved, the Indians have used other means available. The course was a small torch. Master was carrying out "haircut", blew through the torch to the "client" vessel fringed hair. Thus there is the likeness of fiery jets, which slightly burned hair. Assistant at this time with a wet cloth, made of palm leaves, wash firing hard place.

Processed 'firing' properly hair then anoint aromatic compounds.

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Indians of North America: hairstyle for a true warrior

Representatives of ancient Indian tribes,inhabiting North America, distinguished by a large variety of hairstyles. Often, long hair just freely dissolved at the shoulders. The hairstyles of men and women attended the bangs, braids made of temporal strands and braids. Hair is often stained with the juice of the leaves, herbs and fruits, and then decorated with ribbons, flowers and feathers.

Usually, hair was a symbol of belonging to a certain race or tribe.

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Known for the adventure novels and moviesIroquois usually shaved most of the head, leaving a kind of "comb" in its middle part. This piece is for density mixed with feathers, or animal dander. Women Iroquois wore braids or hair gathered in a knot.

In some tribes warriors shaved on his headalmost all of the hair, leaving only the so-called "of scalp lock". This hairstyle is easy for the enemy procedure scalp defeated Indian. The Indians not only considered an honorable death in battle, but also in some way cared about your opponent, leaving him the right to a hassle to get the deserved trophy in the form of scalp.

Indian hair as an indicator of status

Many Indian tribes hairstyle wasan indication of their status in the group. The leaders and military leaders Indians richly decorated hair, often using for this purpose the feathers. The color, shape and splendor of the Sultan of feathers can be judged on the place that occupied the Indian in his tribe.

Simple warriors and hunters could afford only a few feathers, which are woven into the braids.

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Completely shaven head of a number of tribes considereda symbol of disgrace. Shaved bald usually slaves, criminals or divorced wives. For this reason, anyone who once shaved his head completely, until the end of days was considered a slave and held the lowest rung in the social hierarchy.

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