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What are the hairstyles were the ancient Egyptians

What are the hairstyles were the ancient Egyptians

Ancient Egypt - a wonderful country with a complex tradition, aesthetics and fashion.

In the guise of the ancient Egyptians focused on the hairstyles and their decoration.

Hair as a social marker

The entire population of Ancient Egypt was divided intoseveral classes: priests, slave-owners, artisans, peasants and slaves. In classical murals depicting people of different classes in different styles. The representatives of the upper class, for example, always beautiful, slender and tall. In this style of depicting pharaohs and their approximate. Ordinary people on the murals much less growth and more squat.

The researchers found that most of the ancientEgyptians wore wigs. The shape of the wig and the material from which it was made, indicated social status. Wigs were made of wool, silk and plant fibers. The type of material depended on the price of the wig. The most fashionable color is considered black and dark brown. Most wigs have a trapezoidal shape. Wigs are not only a fashion accessory, but also served as protection from the sun. Sometimes people wear several wigs at the same time to create an air gap. Pharaohs and officials usually wore wigs of enormous size, and farmers and soldiers preferred to smaller ones.

Fashion trends of Ancient Egypt

Over time wigs have become a ceremonialhats that were worn on the occasion of the festivities. Such wigs curled large curls, impregnated with perfume and aromatic oils. Abandoning everyday wear wigs, the Egyptians turned to tight braids and perms. For example, the strands were wound on wooden sticks of different diameter and then coated with a special mud, she rather quickly dries and falls off, and the strands maintain their shape. The inhabitants of ancient Egypt are increasingly grew their own hair, there was a fashion among the girls cut out straight typical "Egyptian" bangs.

In an era of Ancient Egypt slaves were shaved,They smeared their heads oils and fats to protect themselves from the heat. Egyptian priests also shaved head and facial hair, but unlike the slaves, they have always been huge, spectacular wigs in order to emphasize its importance.

During the reign of the famous Cleopatra fashionWigs returned. The most relevant are teardrop-shaped wigs that imitated the parting. Curly hair decorated with ribbons, leaving open ears. In this era, wigs dyed in the wildest colors. In the minds of the Egyptian nobility could see the orange, red, yellow, blue and even green wigs.

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