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What are the hairstyles suit a girl with long dark hair

What hairstyles suit a girl with long dark hair

Long dark hair look great in a simple, but effective styling. Straight strands can be braided, braid in braids, laid in the form of beams and bows.

Well, wavy hair is easy to draw a clear big curls that will look stylish day and evening.

Bunches and braids

Dark hair are simple and clean lines, without small details. Choose large forms - they'll look particularly impressive. Try to make a classic hairstyle - French shell.
Clean hair nacheshite and sprinkle with varnish. Lightly smooth their brush, and then secure the hairpins, invisible in the middle of the head from the crown to the nape. Combing hair to one side, at the same time to tighten them inside. Try to get a smooth fold, without hillocks. Secure shell pins, sticking them vertically. The ends of the hair tuck inside the folds with a comb handle. Hairstyle sprinkle varnish, stroking her hair with his hands. Seashells decorate fashionable decorative pins or thin pins.

Low unit

This hairstyle is especially beautiful in the thick,perfectly straight hair. Sprinkle clean strands thermal protector spray, and then flatten them, holding the plates ironing. Divide hair into a side parting and comb the brush, then gather into a low ponytail, securing it with a thin rubber band in the hair color.
Twist the tail to free the harness, and then lay it rings around the base. The ends of the hair tuck inside. Fasten studs node.
Hairstyle can be made more interesting ifafter straightening of the hair into thin braid pigtails. Then they gather in a ponytail and twist into a knot with the main mass of hair. Hairstyle secure varnish with glitter.

Waves and curls

If you prefer long hair flowing,try them curl. "Little Demon" and thin spiral irrelevant. Much nicer look lush natural curls. To create them, use the curlers and hair Give final shape using irons.
Wash the head, dry it and soak a hairdryerstrand fixing liquid or Treat mousse. Alternately, wrap the rather narrow strands on curlers sticky medium size. Dry hair and carefully remove the curlers. Sprinkle curls varnish strong fixation.
Loop the curls down and beat them with your fingers. Then flip your hair back. Pulling out of the total mass of thin strands, curl their irons. Above you can gently smooth the hair brush. Sprinkle styling lacquer, podkoly hair barrettes person or decorative combs, if necessary.
For special occasions hair of curlsYou can decorate with colored ink for the hair. Paint it a few pryadok a person. Dark hair go red, silver, gold, emerald or violet ink.

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