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What are the good spark for cars

candles for cars

Good candles for cars - the ones that are made of platinum and iridium, but the price is very high.

You can buy a conventional multi-electrode spark, almost no different from his "precious" fellow.

I must say that every motorist hisopinion on this matter, and those candles, that one would call the best, the other can criticize the nines. However, there is a certain kind of spark that has pleased the majority of motorists.

How to choose

Primarily when selecting drivers candlespay attention to their size and the number of parameters locally, although some recent and not very familiar with. In this feature pay attention mainly fans of fast driving, because the higher the number locally, the higher temperatures can be operated candle. But that does not make mistakes and do not repair the engine in the future, you should always buy candles in strict accordance with the instructions to the car.
Next option - spark structure inwhich can be used as one or several electrodes. Single-electrode spark short-lived and can not reveal all the possibilities of the engine, though there is a fairly low price. Multi-electrode spark sparking improve, allow the engine to develop more power, providing better combustion in the cylinders and increasing the environmental performance of its work. Many manufacturers produce a ONE-ELECTRODE and multi-electrode spark that allows the buyer to make a choice in favor of saving money or in favor of a stable and better engine performance.

Candles made of precious metals

Today on sale there were candles made of platinum andIridium service life which has grown significantly. In addition, they are equipped with self-cleaning system, improve the reliability of the engine operation, improve dynamics and reduce the level of harmful emissions as well as fuel economy, allows to recoup the cost of his own purchase for 3.5 months. At the thought of this development prompted manufacturers athletes who undermined the central electrode "tapering" to increase the capacity of the motor. True, after this treatment, the candles are not "lived" for a long time. Engineers also offered to make a thin center electrode made of metal that can withstand the destruction and thus decided the issue.
Therefore, motorists wishing to buy goodcandles, it may be advisable to take to the electrodes of iridium and platinum, for example, Denso Iridium Power, Bosch Platinum, Beru Ultra-X Platinum and others. If this is not possible, you should limit ourselves to conventional multi-electrode spark, but only from reputable manufacturers - Bosch W7DTC, Brisk DR15TC1, Ultra-X and others. In no case can not be taken away with a candle, the only proven trustworthy service centers and shops.

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