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What are the goals the Russian opposition

What are the goals the Russian opposition

For more than half a year in Russia, since the lastDecember elections to the State Duma, continuing all sorts of protests organized by the opposition. Their apotheosis - the so-called "March of Millions", ie the procession, during which the opposition hopes to bring to the streets of a great number of his supporters.

And, although the magnitude of these marches are not even remotely correspond to the grandiose name, the opposition leaders say confidently: "We are supported by the people."

The opposition in every country wants to become moreinfluential, attract new supporters, get a grip. This is natural and understandable. The current Russian opposition also wants to become a stronger and more influential. However, instead of crisp and clear program, it only raises the slogans: "Russia without Putin" and "Russia without EdRa" (that is, without the party "United Russia"). Of course, to the acting President of Russia VV Putin can be treated differently, you can submit a claim to it. There is no doubt that the party "United Russia", the leader of which he was the last few years, lost former popularity. Similarly, it is obvious that in the past the December election authorities at all levels have used administrative resources to the full, to support the "United Russia". This caused understandable dissatisfaction of many Russians. The opposition wants to achieve peaceful change of regime power in the Russian Federation, as well as to ensure fair elections.

However, just as it is undeniable that VV Putin won the Russian presidential election by a wide margin, far ahead of its nearest competitor. And even if we take into account the possible violations during the voting and counting of results, it is still his victory was unquestionable. Thus, in full compliance with the democratic principles of loyalty which tirelessly swear by opposition leaders, the results of people's will should be taken.

Nevertheless, the opposition continue to claimthat the elections were unfair, fraudulent. And it continues to invite people to protest under the slogan: "Russia without Putin" At the same time not having clear to the general people's program, which has contributed to raising the living standards of Russians and overcome the negative phenomena.

Given that the opposition leaders have not only failedenjoy the support of the majority of Russian citizens, but do not hide that receive funding from foreign sources, it is doubtful that they are motivated by concern for the democratic values ​​and concern for the needs of ordinary Russians. Perhaps it is trying to improve its ranking.

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