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How does the Russian opposition pursue its goals?


What are the objectives of the Russian opposition</a>

For more than six months in Russia, since the pastDecember elections of deputies of the State Duma, all kinds of protest actions organized by the opposition are continuing. Their apotheosis is the so-called "March of Millions", that is, processions in the course of which the opposition expects to bring to the streets a huge number of its supporters.

And, although the scale of these processions even remotely does not correspond to the famous name, the opposition leaders confidently declare: "We are supported by the people".

Opposition in each country wants to become moreInfluential, attract new supporters, gain power. This is understandable and natural. The current Russian opposition also wants to become stronger and more influential. However, instead of a clear and clear program, she only puts forward slogans: "Russia without Putin" and "Russia without EdRa" (that is, without the party "United Russia"). Of course, to the incumbent president of Russia V.V. Putin can be treated differently, you can make claims to him. Undoubtedly, the party "United Russia", whose leader it was the last few years, lost its former popularity. Similarly, it is obvious that at the last December elections, authorities at all levels fully used the administrative resource to support United Russia. This caused quite understandable discontent among many Russians. The opposition wants to achieve a peaceful change in the regime of power in the Russian Federation, as well as ensure fair elections.

However, in the same way it can not be denied that V.V. Putin won the election of the Russian president with a big advantage, far ahead of his nearest competitor. And even if we take into account possible violations in the course of voting and counting of results, his victory is unquestionable anyway. Thus, in full accordance with the democratic principles, in which the leaders of the opposition swear by tirelessly, the results of the people's will must be accepted.

Nevertheless, oppositionists continue to assert,That the elections were unfair, falsified. And they still invite people to protest actions under the slogan: "Russia without Putin!" At the same time, it does not have a program that the people understand, which would help raise the standard of living of Russians and overcome negative phenomena.

If we take into account that the leaders of the opposition not only do notEnjoy the support of the majority of Russian citizens, but do not hide that they receive funding from foreign sources, it is highly doubtful that they are motivated by concern for democratic values ​​and concern about the needs of ordinary Russians. Perhaps she is trying to improve her rating.

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