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What are the first symptoms of rabies in dogs

Rabies in dogs - a dangerous and serious illness

The first signs of rabies need to know every dog ​​owner.

This is a dangerous disease, ending in fatal outcome of the dog, and sometimes - rabies surrounding people or animals.

The initial signs that the dog is sickRabies can be determined only after a month or two after infection. The disease usually occurs in two scenarios: in paralytic or in an aggressive manner. However, an abnormal form of the disease in dogs are also possible.

The first symptoms of rabies: an atypical form of the disease

How to understand a dog rabies INTO
This form of the disease in an animal characterizedthe fact that no one symptom does not fit the description of the typical signs of rabies. Veterinarians say that in recent years, dog rabies is often manifested in atypical form. Therefore, it is important to be as attentive to their pets.
Atypical form of dog rabies - it's a long stepailments of the animal, the dog can suffer up to 60-90 days. At this time, it will respond sluggishly to the usual team, indifferent to the world around them. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Often nervous and digestive system of an animal can not withstand the disease and give failure.

The first signs of rabies: a paralytic form of the disease

What are the signs of rabies in dogs
The paralytic form of the disease from a petproceeds very quickly. In less than six days, as the beloved dog dies. During his illness owners can celebrate depression pet, a complete lack of excitement. In just a few hours of the disease paralyzes the muscles of the legs and the dog's body. After the paralysis of the dog will live a maximum of 4 days.

The first signs of rabies: an aggressive form of the disease

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The aggressive form of rabies isa serious threat to others. This disease causes the dog to bite others, risking contamination. The duration of this form of the disease is 5-10 days from the first symptoms to death of the animal. The development of the disease occurs in three phases.
The first phase of the disease lasts two-fourdays. At this time, the dog's mood is unstable, unstable behavior - she can snuggle up to the owner, and then step back and quiet down, pet owner ceases to operate direct command.

There is an infringement of the dog appetite, profusely from the mouth to salivate, vomit.

The second phase of the disease lasts no more than 2-3days. These days, the animal exhibits open aggression, distraction, stubborn disobedience. In this period marked the first convulsions, the intensity of which over time is increasing. the animal's body temperature rises to 41oS, paralysis breaks some muscle groups.
The third phase of development of rabies disease endsand lasts for no more than 2-4 days. During these days the dog loses weight drastically. Paralysis in turn covers the hind legs, trunk and front legs. With the constant deterioration of the dog being live for long, soon it will die.

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