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What are the dollar bills

What are the dollar bills

Dollar bills have an identical design, the same size, are legal tender at any date of their release into circulation.

Denominations of banknotes vary from one to one hundred dollars US, but there are rare instances of greater value, which have historical value and auction.

Dollar bills are the most stabletender, they have retained the original design from the first half of the twentieth century, are legal tender to date regardless of the date of issue. The size of each banknote is fixed length of 6.14 inches, width - 2.61 inches. In this appeal of these bills is intense, so the state daily produces tens of millions of new banknotes, withdraws worn.

The values ​​of dollar bills

Free float todayare banknotes of $ 1 to $ 100. At the same time on each banknote shows the portraits of leading politicians, the United States government officials. In particular, there are the following varieties of notes:
- $ 1 with the image of George Vashingtona-
- $ 2 (issued irregularly) with a picture of Thomas Dzheffersona-
- $ 5 with a portrait of Abraham Linkolna-
- US $ 10, which shows Alexander Gamilton-
- $ 20 with a portrait of Andrew Jackson-
- US $ 50, which depicts Ulysses Grant-
- US $ 100 - the main banknote with the image of Benjamin Franklin.
At the same time on the reverse side of each banknote you can see some moments of the past the United States (most of all - concrete building construction).

Rare samples of and protection against counterfeiting

Besides the above banknote denominations, theirpreserve the value of previously issued bills of $ 500, $ 1,000, $ 5,000, $ 10,000. The government is actively engaged in their withdrawal from free circulation within the framework of the policy of restricting the maximum amount of cash settlements, but they are preserved in private collections. Their actual value at the auctions are usually much higher than the face value, so the use of banknotes as a means of payment virtually meaningless.
On the appearance of dollar bills a serious impactalso has state efforts to protect them against counterfeiting. So, over the past years it has been released updated versions of almost all denominations of banknotes. Changes in the denominations are minor, since one of the goals was the maximum preservation of their traditional designs and colors. Improving the methods of protection used by the issue of new means of payment is scheduled once every ten years.

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