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As there are types of landscape parks


Landscape design in the suburban area</a>

For the first time, landscape parks arose in England in the XVIII century and began to differ from the usual ones in that the organization of space in them became more approximate to natural natural compositions.

Landscaped parks today are very popular, they are able to decorate any site and are divided into certain types.

Regardless of the size of the site, eachThe owner can decorate it with his own landscaped park. It can be a mini-park near the wall of the house, along which are planted climbing plants that rise along the wall, a small fountain or a waterfall and beautifully laid paths. On a large territory you can skillfully emphasize the beauty of nature so that on sunny days, while walking in it you can relax on the green grass under the shady crown of trees and admire nature or completely distribute space by artificially planted plants, giving them the desired shape. In this way, you can decorate the site with the help of landscape design by selecting one of the types of landscape park.

Park in English style

The landscape English park has an oblong,As if elongated form, has such ponds as a pond, a river or a lake, waters that flow naturally, they are considered as its basis. In the park there are green meadows, shady trees and a bit wavy soil. The paths suddenly open spectacular park views, allowing you to admire the scenic nature in places of rest, where the atmosphere of solitude determines your own space of vacationers.

Dream Park

The regular landscape view of the park is decorated in style,In which there is no place for natural, natural plant arrangements. Here in the foreground artificially planted only in a certain order - flower beds with compositions of various ornaments, cropped shrubs in different shapes and straight alleys of trees. This kind of park has magnificent landscapes - high dense hedges, which have a seclusion.

Miniature Japan

Landscape park in the Japanese style does not requireA large area, this is the most popular view of the park. Miniature garden has plants that grow only in Japan, it has small bridges, umbrellas, flashlights, reminiscent of theatrical scenery. Each attribute has a value associated with the national traditions of Japanese culture.

Italian courtyard

The Italian landscape park, originating fromSmall courtyards of Italian houses. It contains tracks strictly in a straight line or diagonally. The site is fenced with a live, sheared hedge or high wall of often planted trees. In the center of the park there is a small pond or fountain, which is surrounded by a paved area in the shape of an oval, circle or square. Shrubs and trees of the Italian landscape park are cut in the form of a ball or cube, and the territory is decorated with sculptures that are an obligatory part of it.

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