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What are the different types of landscape parks

Landscaping at their summer cottage

The first landscape parks originated in England in the XVIII century, and began to differ from the usual fact that the organization of space in them has become more close to the natural natural compositions.

Landscape parks are very popular today, they are able to decorate any area and are divided into certain types.

Regardless of the size of territory portion, eachthe owner can decorate its own landscaped park. It can be a mini-park near the house wall, along which the planted vines, climbing the wall, a small fountain or waterfall and beautifully laid out paths. On a large area can be skilfully emphasize the beauty of nature, so that on sunny days, walking in it, you can relax on the green grass under a shady canopy of trees and enjoy nature or fully allocate space artificially planted plants, giving them the desired shape. This way you can decorate the site with the help of landscape design, choosing a type of landscape park.

English-style park

English Landscape Park has an elongated,like elongated shape, has water features such as a pond, river or lake water, which flows in a natural way, they are its foundation. The park is located green meadows, shady trees and a little wavy soil. Tracks suddenly discover the spectacular park views, allowing to admire the beautiful nature in the places of leisure, where intimate atmosphere defines its own space travelers.

dream Park

Regular landscape view of the park is decorated stylein which there is no place of natural, natural arrangement of plants. Here in the foreground artificially planted only in a certain order - beds with compositions of various patterns, clipped shrubs in different shapes and straight avenues of trees. This type of park has luxurious scenery - high thick hedges, located in solitude.

miniature Japan

Landscape Park in the Japanese style does not requirea large area, it is the most popular form of the park. Miniature garden has plants growing only in Japan, it contains small bridges, umbrellas, lanterns, resembling theater sets. Each attribute has a value associated with the national traditions of Japanese culture.

Italian courtyard

Italian Landscape Park, originates fromsmall courtyards of Italian homes. It arranged track perfectly straight line or diagonally. Enclosed garden alive, sheared hedges and high walls often planted trees. In the middle of the park there is a small pond or fountain, which is surrounded by a paved area in the form of an oval, circle or square. Shrubs and trees Italian landscape park are cut in the shape of a sphere or a cube, and the area is decorated with sculptures, is a mandatory part of it.

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