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What are the different plots on hair growth

What are the different plots on hair growth

There is a great number of modern medical facilities to treat hair.

But many people are trying to remember the past, their roots and try to use the ancient proven means for their growth.

Sometimes hair does not want to grow well, howeverI have not carefully looked after them hostess. And having long hair women notice that they have to fall with such intensity that their length decreases with each passing month.

Why not grow hair

Maybe a lot of reasons for this, as a secret,and explicit. The former can be associated with the fact that her hair trimmed at the waning moon, as well as corruption. Damage to hair loss, for example, is able to dry up hair, even the most thick and long.
Restore hair energy and restore their beauty and vitality can help folk incantations, rituals.

Plots on hair growth, there are many. Many women resort to such a method, if other options are exhausted.

If your hair is falling out in clumps at the woman innew moon should stand on the threshold of an apartment or house, throw in the hands of a lock on the head three times to read such a conspiracy, "Month-Mesyatsovich was born, and the hair on the head of God's servants (the name) are born and come. Stars in the sky nobody counted, and the handmaid of God (name) hair multiply and multiply so thicken. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. "
The conspiracy to protect your hair from falling out. Read up on the new moon, at the same time it is necessary to stand up to the window, combing her hair. It is best to read this conspiracy suit Monday: "Polyushko to the seed, but the light to the sun. Temechko to scallops, hair to hair. Amen".

Plots for good hair growth

In order to restore hair growth, thisplot read on Saturday, on the water, which washed hair. In the water put a mirror, looking at him, say the conspiracy, with wet hair from the top. "Bathhouse water that you I undergo treatment. Grow hair, as in the field of ear, force pours, do not dry off, do not break, roites, selites in the nest, while the servants of God (name) to shine, secured, not sekites. Do not spoil your hair or sick little head or hard water, or duma duma. Grow hair, strong in the morning sun, the wind fresh cleansed, the whole century Keep your hair, like a ripe ear. Holy Mother of God, my hair circle the spirit of envy eyes, in front and behind the eyes of the beholder. My words are strong, have agreed on the servant of God (name) Hex. Amen".

Many women say that the situation has improved after reading the plot.

Breaking with nettles and birch nine sheets,to insist in the water. Conspiracy to read three times, infused water to wet the hair roots: "How are you, birch, nettle, green foliage krasuetes and I, the servant of God (name), give power to the branches of a root, a root that servant of God ( name) with curly hair has become so rich. Not izurochat my hair nor sorcerers nor sorceresses, nor evil nor good. Amen".

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