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As there are levels of knowledge of English


What are the levels of knowledge of English?</a>

Beginners learn English this processIs usually foggy and uncertain. But the methodology of teaching English is so sharp that it is enough to determine the level of a person, after which you can build the training in such a way as to achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time.

To begin with, it is useful to know what levels exist and on which of them you want to master the language.

Zero level, Full Beginner

This applies only to those who have absolutely nothingKnows about the language, even the alphabet. If you studied English at school or college, it's definitely not about you. Given the prevalence of the English language, it is difficult to find an adult who would have an absolute zero level.

Elementary knowledge, 1 Elementary

Unfortunately, this is the level of those whoStudied English at school. A person knows a few simple words, has vague ideas about grammar, but he can not speak. With a certain zeal and sociability possession of basic knowledge will allow you to explain with the seller in the store or the staff at the hotel, but no more.

Advanced Elementary Level, 2 Upper-Elementary

A person at this level can speak, usingThe simplest grammatical constructions. Vocabulary is limited to topics that were studied in the classroom, but this is already enough to keep the conversation on a familiar topic. Although his opinion is still difficult to express. You can communicate at this level if the interlocutor speaks slowly and supplements his words with gestures.

Slightly below average, 3 Pre-Intermediate

Knowing the language at this level, a person canSupport conversation on a familiar topic with ease. He says, practically without making mistakes, the pace of speech is already pretty decent. But when communicating with native speakers, a complex situation often arises. An English-speaking person decides that his interlocutor speaks well, and starts to communicate in "normal mode", and here a person with a level of Pre-Intermediate realizes that he does not understand much yet, usually feeling awkward at the same time.

Intermediate Intermediate

This is already good knowledge. A person can speak freely enough on everyday topics, knows grammar, can explain in writing. Vocabulary is still, as a rule, low. This level allows me to pass international IELTS tests at 4.5-5.5 points, and TOEFL - at 80-85.

Advanced Intermediate, 5-6 Upper-Intermediate

Upon reaching this level, a person can alreadyGo to university or work in a foreign company, if you do not need to communicate too much with customers. The test results are as follows: IELTS 5.5-6.5, TOEFL 100.

Advanced. 7-9 Advanced

This is already an excellent knowledge of the language, and furtherDifferences in everyday communication can not be seen. You can work in any position or study at any university. Test results: IELTS 7.0, TOEFL 110.
Even higher is considered 10-12 level. This knowledge of the language, as a native native of the UK. This is called perfect command of the language. The result of IELTS is 8.5.

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