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What are the levels of proficiency in English

What are the levels of proficiency in English

For beginners to learn English, this processusually it seems vague and uncertain. But the methods of teaching English is so perfected that it is sufficient to determine the level of the person, then it is possible to build a training so as to achieve the desired result as soon as possible.

For starters useful to know what levels do exist and which of them you want to learn the language.

The zero level, Full Beginner

It applies only to those who have absolutely nothingHe knows about the language, even the alphabet. If you studied English at school or college, it is certainly not about you. Given the prevalence of the English language, it is difficult to find an adult who would possess an absolute zero level.

Basic knowledge, 1 Elementary

Unfortunately, this is the level at thoseI studied English at school. The man knows a few simple words, has a vague idea about the grammar, but to say he can not. At a certain zeal and sociability possession of basic knowledge will allow the seller to explain the store or the staff at the hotel, but nothing more.

Advanced elementary level, 2 Upper-Elementary

Man at this level can talk usingthe most basic grammatical structures. Vocabulary is limited to topics that have been studied in class, but it has enough to keep the conversation on a familiar topic. Although their opinions to express more complicated. Communicating at this level is possible if the other person talks slowly and complements his words with gestures.

Slightly below average, 3 Pre-Intermediate

Wielding the language at this level, a person cankeep the conversation on a familiar topic with ease. He says, almost without making errors, rate of speech is already pretty decent. But when dealing with native speakers is often a difficult situation. English speaking person decides that his interlocutor speaks good, and begins to talk to "normal mode", and here a man with a level Pre-Intermediate realizes that he is still little understood, usually at the same time feeling uncomfortable.

Intermediate, Intermediate 4

This is good knowledge. A man can be quite free to speak on everyday topics, grammar knows, can explain in writing. Vocabulary more usually low. This level allows you to take the IELTS tests international 4.5-5.5 scores, and TOEFL - 80-85.

Advanced batting average, 5-6 Upper-Intermediate

By achieving this level a person cango to university or to work in a foreign company, if you do not need too much to communicate with customers. Test results as follows: IELTS 5.5-6.5, TOEFL 100.

Advanced. 7-9 Advanced

It has an excellent knowledge of the language, and furtherdifferences in everyday communication can not be detected. You can work on any office or study in any university. Test results: IELTS 7.0, TOEFL 110.
Even higher levels of 10-12 is considered. This knowledge of the language, like a highly educated native UK resident. This is called a perfect command of the language. IELTS result of 8.5.

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