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What are the different kinds of guitars

What are the different kinds of guitars

Today, the guitar sounds people hear everywhere: on a bench at the entrance to the rock guitar concerts in the most popular tracks.

But few of us know that there are different kinds of guitars, the sound from them is very different.

Classical guitar

Guitar, familiar to many, with the stamp and the body,framed decks, is considered a classic, its shape is one of the oldest. Classical guitar - acoustic instrument, the sound of which is only enhanced by the wooden hull. Therefore, it is usually played on a non-amplified microphone, and only in a noisy environment or large spaces simple microphone can be used. Classical guitar can be a six-string, and may have seven strings.


Along with the classic among guitarists widelydistributed acoustic guitar. It is somewhat different in size, as well as the material from which made. Used guitars are more likely to perform songs in the folk style, country, blues. This is explained by the fact that in these steel strings are used, allowing the tunes sound louder and louder.

In the usual form of the modern guitar it exists only in the second half of the 18th century. Until then, in which only forms and shapes she appeared as part of them have kept the culture of small nations.

Electric guitar

The arrival of a new musical era was marked bybirth electric. Actually the guitar in the classic sense in the electric model very little that is left. The body of her one-piece, the cavity is not at all, it may not sound without power, but because the sound it reproduces only in special equipment, processing and complement the various effects. Therefore, each musician playing the electric one and the same work, it turns your individual copyright sound.
How many strings on an electric guitar and did decide guitarist maybe six, maybe 12, the string may be duplicated in order to achieve the depth and variability of sound.

Jazz Guitar

Selecting this type of guitar as an independentmany seem doubtful, because in fact the jazz guitar is a symbiosis of acoustic and electric guitars. The model has a resemblance with a cello or double bass, as she called on the sides of similar musical instruments f-shaped cutouts.


Variety electric - bass guitar. It features thick string, forming a low-frequency background music. This type of instrument is not playing alone, this guitar is designed to shade and complement the other instruments, and therefore used only in ensembles.

However, assume that the bass guitar is only an auxiliary tool is fundamentally wrong, good bass - its weight in gold, because it sets the mood of the composition and adjusts the rest of the performers.

The model has 4 strings.

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