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What are the belt in karate

What are the belt in karate

The degree of proficiency in the map is determined by the properties of the belt, which has a competitor.

Gradation of colors means higher grade. Rank student called kyu, a wizard - is given.

The darker the color of the belt, the higher the level of fighter skills.

The system of Japanese Karate Association

Usually, a fighter rank is determined by the system,developed by the Japanese Association, it is common throughout the international Shotokan Association, although other systems. In it, there are several degrees kyu - a belt which are students. Color, from which all start (ninth), it is white. It is given to those who do not have any rank.
Further, when a certain degree of masteryskill, the student consistently receives first yellow belt (eighth kyu), then orange (seventh kyu), then green (sixth kyu), red (fifth kyu), purple (fourth kyu), light brown (third kyu), brown (second kyu) and dark brown (first kyu). After that the doctrine receives first dan and becomes the master. It is a black belt.
The negative side of such a system includethat in a number of schools as a master, and students can pursue a more rapid acquisition zone, but did not have time to learn the technique. That is why the presence of a certain zone in the modern world, unfortunately, does not guarantee the same level of skill from its owner.

How to increase the grade and get the belt

To get the next belt, the student mustpass the test: to pass a kind of test. Typically, the federation limit the time that must elapse between the exams, so go through all the steps can not be too fast. But these intervals vary among federations. The general rule is that the higher the rank, the more time passes up opportunities to pass the exam on it.
Once you got the belt of a certain color, it is a life grade, you will not be able to lose it.

How did the system

Karate Obi - the so-called belt in karate. He needed to keep the smell gi - fighter clothing ,. But over time, in addition to purely practical value color belt it acquired an additional symbolic value.
In traditional schools, there were far fewer colors: white, yellow, green, brown and black.
Symbolically, it is believed that the white belt thatgive beginners, it turns yellow due to the efforts and sweat, which throws people in the classroom. For the same reason it becomes later green and then brown, and black. The introduction of additional colors is due to the desire of masters to spur feelings of students who will receive a new belt and feel the progress.
Some modern representatives of different schools also use the red zone - as the highest measure of skill acquisition.

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