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What are the conditions of charge disabled child childhood mother retired?

What are the conditions of the pension of a disabled child with childhood mother?

Rights to receive early retirement are regulated by the law "On labor pensions in the Russian Federation» № 173-FZ of 17.12.2001 (with amendments on 28.12.2013, the).

The mother, who raised a child with disabilities since childhood, has the right to early retirement under certain conditions.

In which case there is a right to early retirement.

For registration of a pension should contact thethe Pension Fund office in their region. Under the law, if a family raising a child with a disability from childhood, one of the parents is given such a right. Here are the conditions for early retirement accruals mother:
1. The insurance experience more than 15 years, inclusive. This includes all the time, when a woman has been employed formally, it should be reflected in the workbook.
2. Reaching the age of 50 years.
3. Confirmation that the child was brought up to 8 years. In support of this, take a certificate from the local authorities, which stated that the applicant for a pension has been involved in raising a child until they reach the age of eight.

Subject to the above requirements, a woman has the right to early retirement. You also need to confirm the child's disability and provide a number of other documents.

What documents are needed for early retirement.

When applying for early retirement will needthe originals of the following documents: an application (form required to provide on the spot), passport, marriage certificate, birth certificate, if necessary, the adoption papers (guardianship), a certificate confirming the fact of raising a child up to eight years, proof of disability child labor book may request a certificate of salary or other documents. In itself it is desirable to also have a copy of the above securities.
Handle a statement should be ten days prior to the onset of the right to early retirement, or at any time after the occurrence of this right.

Turning right after the onset, early retirement will start to accrue from the date of submission of the application, it will not be recalculated.

Day of treatment for a pension is considered to be the daywhen the Pension Fund staff reviewed the application and receive documents. The second copy of the application, with a note on the reception, it is desirable to keep. Documents can also be sent by mail, then the date of receipt will be the date of departure of valuable letters, said in confirming the receipt.
In the absence of any documents or other substantial reasons, in early retirement may decline.

On the amount of early retirement

It may happen that the pension grantedwill be lower than the amount required for the existence of the current date, then the government put a surcharge. This supplement was introduced in order to increase material support to a living wage. The right to social allowance have only non-working pensioners.

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