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How are the features of scientific knowledge?


Modern methods of cognition of reality</a>

To assess how much is rightToday's approach to scientific investigation of reality, it is necessary to get acquainted with the conclusions of scientists working in an alternative direction of modern science.

It is important to understand what is the basis of scientific knowledge.

For the scientific method of cognition of the environmentIt is important to rely on what can be proved by experience and proven in practice. Despite the existence of a large number of different theories and hypotheses, all scientific conclusions are made only after numerous experiments proving the previously proposed pattern.

The situation in science today

Most scientists are dissatisfied with the currentApproach to the study of the laws of nature and other phenomena due to the mistakenness of traditional processes and methods of research. For example, there is convincingly challenged the existence of the law of attraction in the form in which it is presented in schools and other educational institutions. Essential shortcomings in the representation of mankind about the molecular structure of substances have been discovered.

Research Academicians Shipov, Garyaev and manyOthers argue that the modern scientific paradigm does not take into account the huge role in the natural and universal processes of energy and thin, invisible to the human eye, matter. Therefore, all current ideas about the world around us are not reliable and are subject to cardinal revision.

For example, scientists are silent about the fact that the theoryUniversal gravitation in the case of the moon (and not only with it) does not work. The first and indisputable proof of this is the fact that our planet lacks a dynamic response to the moon. A number of other glaring inconsistencies with the traditional views of physics are connected with this heavenly body.

What is most important in scientific knowledge?

First of all, this property of the mind to exposeTo question all previously accepted theories and evidence. Reasonableness in the assessment of circumstances and phenomena is the main criterion of a correct approach in scientific comprehension of reality. It is important to understand that one should not blindly reject accepted doctrines and dogmas, they need to be revised and developed the right attitude with regard to this or that phenomenon or hypothesis.

Today openly silent is open by NikolaTesla is a way of obtaining free energy, which people would not have to build powerful atomic and other power stations. But then the monopolists would not receive their profits in the form of monthly payments for electricity consumption.

So the method of scientific knowledge today isDifficult to implement due to the widespread silence about the real laws of physics, chemistry and others. For the average person, only traditional dogmas are still accessible for understanding, most of which are erroneous.

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