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What are the characteristics of 3G

What are the characteristics of 3G

3G - an abbreviation of the English phrase third generation - the third generation.

This technology combines mobile communication and high-speed internet access.

The history of mobile communications

First launched into mass productionmobile devices have become cordless phones, which belonged to the first generation of mobile 1G. They had a NMT standard and appeared on the world market in 1981.
The next stage of the development of mobile telephonyappearance in was 1991, the second generation 2G cellular namely - GSM standard. A special feature of this standard has become more high-quality communications due to the digitization of sound. GSM is a significant disadvantage of the need to accommodate a large number of base stations and a small data rate within the standard, which does not transmit audio and video quality.
To solve the problem of a narrow channelOf GSM-networks GPRS data standard was developed, which became the intermediary between the networks of the second and third generation. Essentially, this standard is built on GSM, designed to make using the Internet more accessible. It can provide data rates up to 114 kilobits per second. Later, based on GPRS EDGE standard has been developed, providing data transfer speeds of up to 474 kilobits per second.
In 1999, the International Telecommunication Union ITUHe has developed a mobile communication of the third 3G standard, which is known as IMT 2000. This standard provides data transfer speeds of at least 144 kbit / s for users with high-speed movement and at least 2,048 Mbit / s for stationary objects.

Benefits of 3G

Due to the high data rate communication3G allows subscribers to make video calls, use a variety of multimedia services requiring high data rates, as well as the use of wireless high-speed Internet services.
The main distinguishing feature between networkssecond and third generation is the so-called individualization - assigning each user's own IP-address. Another key feature of the 3G standard is billing for traffic, not for airtime.
Benefits of 3G standard is difficult to overestimate -the network became available to subscribers of huge amounts of data, left in the past the need for long waiting for pages to load and large files. It is time-saving and convenience are the main positive features of 3G networks. Besides, it is a mobile telephone, which allows the user to have access to broadband internet anywhere mobile communication actions.

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